J Hanna – Loyal To The Game

A few months ago I’m chillin’ around my house relaxing with some ganja and some tunes on when my phone rings.  I look at the caller id and It’s J Hanna on line one from Florida.  “What up mane?” I say as I answer the phone.  “Chillin’ maaaan, I’ve been working on this new track though!  I’m gonna send you what I have so far so you can check it out and tell me what you think.”  J Hanna responds.  I’m always down for some serious discussion involving music, so I waited a few minutes while J Hanna dropped the clip he had in our DropBox.  I was expecting nothing short of the best from J Hanna, but what he had produced far surpassed the best and is up there with the greatest.

My ears were in heaven.  The clip started off with a smooth beginning with a bouncy synth and a nice clap.  From there I heard a familiar voice…

There ain’t a cop that can stop me, My posse is cocky and they don’t quit until they drop me, I’m loyal to the game!

Really? Yes, really. J Hanna did the fool and sampled the ending line of 2Pac’s first verse of Loyal To The Game.  Following up the bounce and the catchy sample are some well put together wobbles that truly capture J Hanna’s dedication to the music game and his enthusiasm for life.  This song will get you ready for anything…surfing, smoking, fucking, sucking (shout out to all the girls going wild over this one!), skating, working, I MEAN ANYTHING! You name it, this song will make you do whatever you do 100% better. Enjoy it!

 From the first time I met  J Hanna many years back he was always involved in music. Starting off with a highschool ska band, moving on to doing some light production with Quiz of Digiraatii, and now to the minor leagues studying music production at Full Sail University, this amateur is sure to turn pro sooner or later.  Keep an eye out for more free downloads from the up and coming producer and be expecting more ill tunes in 2011!!


One love.


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