Alicia Keys – No One (HLM Remix)

Oh what a morning.  After a late night of celebrating my birth with a beautiful group of cultured friends, all I could possibly do this morning was taking a quick stroll down the street to my favorite coffee shop, get a mocha, relax in the sun while sending positive vibes into the Seattle community, and appreciate the life given to me.  While I was reflecting, a car pulled up next to the grassy plot I was on with their speakers turned up just enough so I could hear the music.  I recognized one of the most beautiful voices on this green planet as Alicia Keys instantly.  The specific song was No One, which I have heard people refer to as the most beautiful song of 2007.  The car was not next to me long, but it was just enough time to get the R&B queen’s song in my head for the day.  After getting home, I was listening to a few different  remix’s of No One when I came across this spectacular re-work by HLM, a  producer/remixer based out of Orange County, California.  HLM did an incredible job of keeping the soulful and intense feeling of Alicia Keys lyrics, letting them build up and the piano run its route backed up by a sleepy synth , then turning the track into an all out dance floor rager with a kicking bass line that makes you want to jump on top of the tallest object in proximity to your person with your arms waving high above your head.  Good job HLM.  Check out his SoundCloud page HERE, where you can listen and download 39 other HLM remixes.  Okay…click play now if you haven’t already! BIG UPS! WEST COAST SWAG!

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  1. This is something special….happy that the alycia vibes are still there…:)

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