Buraka Som Sistema – Komba

Set for release on October 31, Enfuchada recording artists Buuraka Som Sistema’s much anticipated album ‘Komba’ will certainly mark a new page in the story of the exuberant electronic music project from Portugal. The album is the second major release from the group since their first album ‘Black Diamond’ in 2008. Since then the band has been touring the world, rocking dance halls, clubs, festivals, and dusty streets – creating an atmosphere that would make a man with a cane walk straight and the young and strong wobbly kneed. With influences ranging from all corners of the globe, Buraka’s driving rhythms enlighten listeners’ ears with sounds of Kuduro, Hip-Hop, EDM, Samba and Funk.

The album ‘Komba’ is named for an Angolan religious ceremony held seven days after someone has passed away. During this ceremony, friends and family gather to enjoy the finest food and drink and to celebrate the life of the deceased. Ironically, the idea that the best party of your life will happen after you are dead is the theme for the album. Think of it like this. If the best party happens when I die, I should make the most of my life right now. The better the party when I’m alive, only more alive can that party be when I die.

Be sure to pick up ‘Komba’ on its release date this Halloween, and in the mean time check out some of the videos by the group below. The first two are releases from the new album, and the last is simply… RAW.

‘(We Stay) Up All Night’ feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor

Hangover (BaBaBa)

“Buffalo Stance” from album, ‘Black Diamond’. Check out the original track from 1989 here.

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