David Starfire – Rites Of Passage Mix

It’s the last night of Burning Man.  I am sitting in our RV discussing what time we are going to leave, the temple has just burned, and I realize that David Starfire (who I somehow missed every other day) is playing a set at…I think it was 3am, right after Freq Nasty.  We can not leave yet.  The car can get packed, but we can not leave.  Sure enough.  It was the best decision I could have possibly made that trip.  We get over to the Hookah Dome and the crowd is going absolutely nuts.  There were so many people in animal attire and with masks on that it felt as if I were in a dusty sea of mermaids, minotaurs, and elves.  Could you ask for a better environment to see some of the craziest worldly dubstep/drumstep music ever produced? Definitely not.  David Starfire left a lasting impression on me as the last act seen of my first year of Burning Man, and set our groups energy right for the 18 hour journey home.  Enjoy this mix from Mr. Starfire title Rites Of Passage.  This set is the theme music of Burning Man 2011.   We will see you on the playa next year! 


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