Liquid Stranger – Wetware Warfare EP

Man…. Liquid Stranger is seriously too kind. Wetware Warfare was just released for free in celebration of his 30,000 followers on facebook, and oh my lord, each song destroys speakers. There are 5 songs total, 3 Dubstep, 2 DnB. My favorite is the Lockstep VIP of Babylon Beast, mainly because it’s Drumstep (in my opinion) but also it’s just got this rhythm to it that other producers just can’t touch. Then there’s Get To The Point which he did with Excision and although the producers are similar in style you can hear both of their influences; the song is so well put together, it really reminds me of the other track that the two did together One which has this groove to it and an overall ambient vibe. Although those two are great they all are soooo amazing and Liquid Stranger remains my favorite Dubstep producer. Welp, I’m not gonna try to explain much more so have a listen below and grab the Ep in WAV or 320 on his facebook!! Big ups Martin!!! (click here for his facebook)


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I live in Cleveland. I love all music, and I mean ALL music. The best form of transportation is bikes. And I am a writer for . Swag.

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