Netsky – Tomorrow’s Another Day

Oh my lord, Netsky absolutely smashes it again with his newest track Tomorrow’s Another Day. As always he brings in such good vibes along with tons of energy. The song is packed with smooth basslines and rhythms. Now it did come out not too long ago on Playaz Records so I’m not surprised if some of you have already heard it, but for those of you who have’t, make sure you check it out below cause up there with Tonight, this has to one of the best songs released in the past couple of weeks.


About Selecta LongDuk

I live in Cleveland. I love all music, and I mean ALL music. The best form of transportation is bikes. And I am a writer for . Swag.

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  1. Seriously, with the Collie Buddz sample. Jeeezzz

  2. Yeah man, I can’t get enough of this one

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