Thumbnugget – Smoke On School Nights

Ohhhh man, big ups to Thumbnugget AKA DJ Beatz Off,The Blumpking, and Big Blunt coming from right here in Cleveland Heights, Ohio!! Above is possibly the most based video/song to come out of Cleveland and is filled with eerie vibes and massive wobbles. DJ Beatz Off, AKA Joe Manfredi, puts his own spin on Hip-Hop production with a lot of influences coming from Dubstep, needless to say, Thumbnugget is definitely ahead of the game in terms of production. As for the video, it is really well put together and as I watched it over a few times I began to notice a ton of intricacies that really did make it look like it was done professionally. Every aspect of this music video is sooooo based, big ups Thumbnugget! Check out their facebook page here!


About Selecta LongDuk

I live in Cleveland. I love all music, and I mean ALL music. The best form of transportation is bikes. And I am a writer for . Swag.

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  1. aaaahhhhhh hahahahahah, What up C HEIGHTS!

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