Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Khainz – Samba Loco


Minimal is a sub-genre of techno that is more focused on the more less complex sounds in electronic music, hence the term “less is more”

 To kick off the first Minimal Mowdi Mundaze I thought I’d start with the almighty Khainz. Simon Schwendener (Khainz), of Switzerland, started listening to electronic music in the early 90’s and making beats at the age of 14.  He began playing around with different sounds and ultimately created lighter, more chill beats that have become recognized as minimal. Its not ’till later on in his career that he started getting into the heavier side of minimal, with more aggressive bass lines that kick you in the throat and beats that just make you bob your head no matter what your doing. Anyways I leave you with this track that will blow your mind.  Turn those speakers up and enjoy the sounds of Khainz!


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