Shigato – Streets of Beige Mix 021

Did you say you want to hear some spacey shit? How about some beautifully crafted, crippling future sound. Oh and you want it sexy? And you want… what’s that? A little mbira mixed samba vibe to start things off. Funny you should ask.

Take a listen to this mix by Shigato for the London design label, Streets of Beige. Be prepared. These sounds are guaranteed to put you on the lean. Get ready to sink into that seat and turn your headphones up.

01 Devonwho & Shigeto “Storyboards”
02 Mndsgn “Stumblin”
03 Ichiro “Ne”
04 Mndsgn “Riff”
05 Devonwho “Braketime (Shlohmo’s Reiteration)”
06 Devonwho “OnHold”
07 VLooper “Sparrow”
08 Dabrye “How Many Times With This”
09 Mux Mool “Drum Babylon”
10 Self Says “Parting Gifts (Shigeto Remix)”
11 Shigeto, M. Saayid, Intricate Dialect, Mobil “Holler Atchya Boys”
12 Dabrye, J Dilla, Phat Kat “Game Over (Flying Lotus Remix Instrumental)”
13 Shigeto “Illusionist”
14 Devonwho “Wild”
15 Ichiro “_ELDUKE”
16 Zack Christ “Koofpoin Low”



(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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