Glÿph – Coded Transmission

It’s really cool when you find something amazing completely out of the blue; about 20 minutes ago I was just aimlessly watching videos and whatnot on stumbleupon when I came to this random soundcloud page. Usually I just skip these, due to it being some dumb ass “brostep” bullshit, but I thought I’d give this one a go just cause they seemed very different. I’ve listened to a good portion of their tracks and seeeriously recommend checking them out. Their music reminds me a lot of tracks featured on Wheel And Deal Dubstep so if you’re at all into minimal Dubstep and Drum & Bass, similar to Noisia’s sounds (Neurofunk), then check out Glÿph’s page here and let them know what you think. I chose this track because of it’s super chilled out nature and I mean, needless to say, it’s just an awesome song. Have a listen to Coded Transmission below and asa I said before check out their other tunes on their soundcloud, big up Glÿph!!


About Selecta LongDuk

I live in Cleveland. I love all music, and I mean ALL music. The best form of transportation is bikes. And I am a writer for . Swag.

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