Ganjaology Presents: Lady Like Treats and Ganja Smokin Beatz

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls. This afternoon, we invite you to join in the finest feast of delectable bass treats that Ganjaology has cooked up yet. This time, The Ganjaologist has teamed with Lady Synergy to create a tastefully balanced mix series to stimulate your synapses and tickle your taste buds.

Up first, The Ganjaologist lays the foundation through a thoughtful selection of energizing dubstep rhythms. Choosing tracks that highlight the height of babylon while quietly questioning the bounty of kings, The Ganjaologist brings us into the dangerous realm of social awareness. Cold, crisp and handsomely crafted, this nourishing beat salad is sure to spark discussion.

The first course is served!

Now that we have had a taste of the Ganjaologist’s greenery, it’s time to try some tasty treats coming fresh from the kitchen with Lady Synergy. This mix of bass batter has been baked to perfection and comes to you piping hot. A decadent layer cake of bouncing breaks and funky glitch, Lady Synergy lays the frosting on extra thick in this dynamic mix of blissful tracks. Please be warned – Indulging in these delicacies will likely leave you laid out flat in a bass induced cosmic coma.

And there’s only one remedy for that… You know what it is. C’mon, this is GANJAOLOGY!

Big ups to Lady Synergy and The Ganjaologist for all their hard work in these extraordinary mixes. We look forward to hearing more from them both. Also, we gotta give it up to Mr. Indubitably and the Coventry Kids for helping out with the graphics.

If you like what you’ve heard here, be sure to follow the artists on Facebook and Soundcloud. Your support is appreciated.

Bless up.

Lady Synergy
Hailing from Santa Cruz, Lady Synergy aka Natalie M.C. is bringing that superior sound. Weather it’s Glitch, Dubstep, or just some funky dance music – Lady Synergy’s selections are perfect for any party. As a young bass head, Ms. Synergy was enticed by the strangely satisfying sounds of STS9. After an extraordinary experience at EDC in 2008, she began to crave the bass. As her search through the bass realm continues she has uncovered the bouncy rhythms blossoming from the glitch scene. But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more marvelous mixes as well as some production from Lady Synergy coming in 2012!

Ganja Smokin Beatz Track List:
Claim Earth – Ming
Ted Dibiase (Banditz Remix – Tezo
Wheres the drop – NumberNin6
Less Corruption – LoveAvalanche
Push The Kush – Banditz
Head Space – Bastille
Set Me Free – Atlantic Connection
Celestial Dub – Coki
Shadow Of Dub – Lee “Scratch” Perry
Say To You – The Others
Just Because Of You – MartyParty
Consume – My Nu Leng

Lady Like Treats Track List:
Up from Low (JPOD remix)- Rench
Dobro (Opiuo Bro-Cuzz Remix)
Western Slang- NastyNasty
Vision of Happiness- Griz
Stompy Jones- Love & Light
Keen String- (Opiuo Formula One Remix)
Galactic Tea Pad (Brad Bitt Remix)- Heyoka
Coke & Caviar- Circuit Bent, Mr. Bill, Tom Cosm and Sun in Aquarius
Bogan Protein- Opiuo
Veil Lifter- Tipper
Longest Day (K+Lab Remix)- Shapeshifter
Crunk Junkee- Love & LIght
Piratestep- N8chur
Doctor- NastyNasty
Perception Bender (Zero One Remix)- Dave Sweeten & Nick Bliss
Robo Booty- Opiuo
For What It’s Worth (Builder Remix)- Buffalo Springfield



(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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