Icicle – Acid Step

Ohhhh my  god, I can’t even express how excited I am for this track. Icicle, known for his deep liquid dnb tracks, is also a phenomenal minimal dubstep producer! If you saw my post for Shogun Audio’s Way Of The Warrior EP, then you probably already know this with his and Distance’s ExhaleAcid Step is just a teaser of what is to come on his EP that is in the works, forthcoming on Shogun Audio. This track got it’s first play on Dj Friction’s Shogun Audio Podcast and the second I heard it I had to turn my system right up. This track has all the dark qualities of his liquid tracks but also brings the groove that only dubstep can put forth. Been hearing a lot of Skrillex-ish dubstep lately so this is a great refresher. Everyone check this one out and make sure to crank your speakers!!!! Big ups everyone and big up Icicle!!!


About Selecta LongDuk

I live in Cleveland. I love all music, and I mean ALL music. The best form of transportation is bikes. And I am a writer for http://ganjaology.org/ . Swag.

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