HAPPY $:20! I mean…4/20!

So it’s been one full year since the beginning of this great blog we call Ganjaology.org (‘cuz we only smoke those organic budzzz!).  We’ve had  a lot of strictly positive tunes comin’ into our lives which were then passed to you beautiful like-minded people worldwide through the grace of possibly the most influential technological advancement of our time, the internet.  From dubstep to glitch-hop, to minimal house, to roots and dub reggae, we strive to give you the best of the bass music that WE are listening to.  It might not be the newest music, or the most popular, you might have never heard of any of the artists on our page before, but it’s the music of 8 creative individuals lives, who are spread nationwide, and who all have the same desire to share some of the best (and definitely some of the spaciest) music being produced in our lifetime.  Thank you everyone who has shown support for Ganjaology.  We’re just getting started and have a lot more to share with the world!

Today is a very special day for all of us smokers out there.  It’s a day to honor the herbs.  It is officially 4/20/2012.  Is this the last 4/20 our world shall ever know? Let’s say yes to that question and party like the world’s going to end.  What I have for you here is my personal selection of some of the best tunes to light up and celebrate our green ganja goddess.  Enjoy the tunes, support the artists who are producing them, and support the blog that shares them.

Bless up and big up yourself!

-The Ganjaologist



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  1. How about a track of the month? Then you could have a poll at the end of the year deciding which one was best.

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