Max Ulis and Self Evident – Eastsiders EP

If you haven’t heard, the BC bass scene don’t play. Max Ulis and brother Self Evident are teaming up to release a new EP, Eastsiders. With remixes by Ceddaa, Hxdb, and Prisongarde along with two additional tracks including Self Evident’s “Numba One Stunna” and one called “Knowledge” by Max Ulis. The EP is just the second release from the newly formed label, TenPin which is headed up by Max along with Calgary producer, Lorne B.

You can catch Max Ulis at Symbiosis and pretty much all these other cats at BassCoast.

Get it.

In this brief interview, Max Ulis discusses the upcoming release and what it means to the tribe.



(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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