Bassdrop Music… Giving away the goods for FREE!

If you live in the Pacific North West, you have likely heard of Bassdrop, Seattle’s premier promotors of that beautiful music which has become collectively known as BASS. After three hard years if throwing some of Seattle’s hands down heaviest parties, Bassdrop has decided to take the leap into Labelhood, …but before they begin slanging sexy riddims all across the universe by way of any number of commonly known beat portals, Bassdrop has decided to grace the bass heads that check in to the exclusive channels with a few sound samples.

Here we have a pair of mixes that speak to the quality of the music that Bassdrop deals in. Be warned, these rhythms will make you move. Don’t hesitate. Hit the switch on these free downloads and manifest that perfect evening environment to facilitate the moving of your hind parts!

First up is KAT1LYST with his Tropic Thunder Mix. This collection of frisky selections is perfect when enjoyed with friends that don’t fear fun. Smile damnit, and dance.


This next one really doesn’t need words. But just because it is so severely dope, we have already written about it. Check the post along with the track listing here.

Pressha goes deep with this one. Enjoy!

Big ups to Bassdrop and their whole camp! It is inspiring to see what can come out the the collective consciousness when sharing some of our favorite freedoms: Creativity, Positivity, and Bass Music.

Check the following links for upcoming Bassdrop Events!!

Bassdrop Music & MindField present – OPIUO, HZ DONUT vs. NOISEMAKER, KAT1LYST & DJ ZARA
Bassdrop Music presents SOUTH SOUND SESSIONs Vol. 1


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