Banditz – Infestation

Once upon a time there was a little bug named Alfred.  Now…there are lots of little bugs in this world. Some of them are kind and caring bugs that like to frolic in the sunny puddles of love, others are less forgiving and can be seen playing without care in the poo of larger life forms in various parts of the world.  Alfred didn’t fit into either of these categories…or any category in direct relation to what I just mentioned.  Alfred was a different breed of bug.  He traveled in a pack…came out in the dead of the night…attacked…and infested.  Alfred was a bed bug and he lived for Infestation.  TO BE CONTINUED…

 Enjoy the preview of the new Banditz tune.


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  1. Cool dude’s! I love the bass! Please listen my mixes on Soundcloud, Leave Feedback and Follow me I would love to know what you think of my mixes.

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