Piri Piri “The Manifesto EP” (Review)

If you’re into funky, smooth sounding bass music, this EP is one for the shopping bag. The London based trio Piri Piri have released their debut EP to the electronic music world, and it’s available today! Out on Sounds of Sumo, this collection of four tracks is sure to get you dancing and your subs pumping in a crisp, upbeat way. The three producers met studying at University in South London, and began making music from there. Along with DJing shows they also offer a live set that involves bass, various percussion and keyboard. Their collection of tunes all have a dancey feel that is perfect for a universal club atmosphere, yet are so soothing to the ear so that one is able to relax and listen as well.

The opening tune of the EP entitled “Mami” starts off with a quite ambient vibe, yet has a certain epic-ness to it. It builds into the track with various 808/909 sounds tuned to create their own melody underneath the crisp vocal. The intro builds up and breaks down before the drop ‘manifests’. This club track with certain 4×4 vibes along with a nice halftime breakdown will surely mix well with some funky dubstep.

The second track takes the party a little bit darker. The almost power chord sounding synth reverberates out and creates a deep atmosphere and as the drums kick in you should suddenly get a desire to move your feet. The entrancing vocal samples drive the song into yet another drop full of funky shuffles and a groove that highlights these musicians production skills.

*On a side note the Arcade remix of this track has a great vibe as well. It can be found on the Manifesto EP’s Remixes Release HERE (it starts at 3:00)

A crunchy interesting vocal sample opens the next song, which then leads into an almost 90’s sounding beat with its swung tambourine and driving bass. The drop in this tune hits with a thump. It breaks the silence with heavy rhythmic bass and a wild sounding rising synth. This tune is definitely one to jump around to in the club (or anywhere with a sub for that matter). The rythym of this one is so infectious it’s making me move to the beat as I’m writing this.

The final track of the EP brings the collection of songs together in such a perfect way. Whether these guys played the piano or sampled it, the melody complements the vocal sample in such a way that it makes me sad that the EP is coming to an end. The tune has such a huge sound with its space and echoes, and its littered with pure positive vibes. It carries on the song going in and out if its driving perrcussion until the tune comes to an end and I couldn’t think of a better way to bring the EP to a close.

The three have been influenced all in their own ways being from different places. Hailing from Manchester, Birmingham, and Spain, the trio have come together to create a really unique sound. These guys have created an EP that is able to sound different than your average electronic music yet maintains a crisp, clear, appealing vibe. From darker to lighter vibes, Piri Piri has done it big with this release (and they weren’t shackled to one tempo). I’m glad to have caught wind of this release and I’m pumped up to bag it ASAP. Big Ups to these three, and I can’t wait to hear more.




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