Cualli – Summer Mix 2012

Summer has finally arrived out here in the great North Fresh.  Along with the mild heat wave, which to us seems like an inferno, and full days of the glorious yellow god beating down on us, tanning our sun deprived bodies, comes a collective energy dispensing  strictly positive and inspirational vibes.  I have seen this energy expressed by people worldwide in a variety of interpretations.  From music, to visual arts, to the art of storytelling,  all the way down to the art of thinking, people are expressing themselves.  One artist who’s form of musical expression has been catching my ear is Cualli.  You may know him from the West Coast bass music scene…maybe you caught one of his two shows at Envision music festival…maybe you’ve seen his name on the lineup for Global Dance Festival (who are celebrating their tenth year of existance this year!) and Syntonic Music Festival, both of which are happening later this year, or maybe you know him for his unique and emotion packed music he’s been releasing over the last few years.  WHATEVER THE CASE MAY BE, Cualli is taking the bass music scene by storm, and coming with a VERY different sound.  This is his Summer Mix that he recorded for Envision Music Festival, but just recently released.  It’s all originals, many of which are unreleased, so take advantage of the rare listening experience you’re about to dive into and turn up the volume wherever you may be.   This mix will leave everyone in the surrounding environment with nothing but smiles on their faces. Big ups Cualli!

11.11.11 (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Fibonacci (Unreleased – Mystery of the One
Quad (Unreleased – Love Craft)
Bless it (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
East West (Unreleased -B Rixile)
Egypt (Elixir)
Apple Hawk (Unreleased – Love Craft)
7s (Unreleased -Mystery of the One)
Mucho Amor (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Elixir (Elixir)
Dream Song (Unreleased – Mystery of the One)
Jungle Love (Elixir)
Numeral (Unreleased – Love Craft)
Love Craft (Unreleased – Love Craft)


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