NUMA CREW GetDarker Set

This is the perfect mix of reggae influenced dubplates and some all around heavy tunes for ya to kick it to.   This sure ain’t new, but it is timeless, so check it!

1. Ghetto Youth (ERBArmx) dub
2. The Svientist (TKay NUMAcrew) dub
3. Erb Promotion (ERBArmx) dub
4. Mad man walking (NOIZa) dub
5. Nobody cant stop us (Botz NUMAcrew) dub
6. Jah Bless me (Lapo NUMAcrew) dub
7. Gangsta Na Play (ERBArmx) ERBA 02
8. Keep your head up (Botz NUMAcrew) pullup dub
9. Passive violence (TKay NUMAcrew) dub
10. Winston (Leon P NUMAcrew) dub
11. Gunz Factory (Botz NUMAcrew) dub
12. Missy grime (Leon P NUMAcrew) dub
13. Haarp Teknology (Arge NUMAcrew) dub
14. Ghetto dance VIP (Lapo NUMAcrew feat Sistah Kinky) fake ID vip
15. Boricua (Arge NUMAcrew) dub
16. Tuff Africa (ERBArmx) ERBA 02
17. Frenzy (Lapo + Botz NUMAcrew) dub
18. Police in Helicopta (ERBArmx) dub
19. Herbalist rmx (ERBArmx) ERBA 01
20. World of ragga (ERBArmx) ERBA002


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