The Librarian – Bass Coast Mini Mix for Dub Selekta

We are almost packed for Bass Coast and its time for a breather. I was thinking I could just play this Mini Mix by Librarian to get cooled off before continuing the pre-festi planning party. Man was I wrong… I hit play and before I knew it I was juking around in my living room with the windows open and my stereo speakers singing!

Andrea Graham, better known as the Librarian makes magic with this stellar mix recorded just last week at the Bassment Stage at Bass Coast. She’s been at the festival grounds in Squamish, BC most of the summer getting things ready for the exciting gathering coming up this weekend. Like most librarians of our time, Andrea spends most of the year organizing. But don’t get it twisted, this Librarian is not concerned with Dewey Decimals. As the artistic director at Bass Coast, Andrea is responsible to make sure that everything is in order, stacked neatly and correctly shelved. This job is particularly difficult considering that each artist in the Bass Coast lineup couldn’t be placed inside a box if we tried.

When she’s not working to provide us with one of the most musically diverse bass gatherings in the North West, the Librarian is sharing knowledge with those willing to listen. Through her dynamic style encompassing all genres of bass, the Librarian brings an energy unparalleled by any I can name. This mix incorporates flowing melodic rhythms with some future dub, juke, fancy footwork, and other sexy selections. Be aware before listening, this mix is sure to make you move.

We will be covering Bass Coast as media reps this year and cannot say how stoked we are. While tightly tuned and terrifically creative, the music and activities at Bass Coast are sure to serve us in our quest for knowledge and study of expression. See you there!

Thanks to Dub Selekta for promoting this extraordinary mix series.

Track List:
Set it – Dream Continuum
Move Her – Trap Arnold
Numba One Stunna – Self Evident
On Patrol – Dan Solo
Delirium – Nguzunguzu
Circles – Adam F (Phillip D Kick Footwork edit)
Al-Sham – Ra Cailum
Cbat – Hudson Mohawke
Komodo – Salva
Money To Blow (Bootleg) – Deebs
Tic Tac Toe -(Krampfhaft Remix) – Halp
Spheroid – HxdB vs Daega Sound (Forthcoming Crude)
Can’t Take It – Desto
Hello – Clicks & Whistles
Fossils – Point B
Skip A Beat (Tom Richman Mix) – Anna Love
Bob Ya Head – Dreams
Crusade – Sinjin Hawke
Shawty – Teeth
Back Home – Mr Geography
Nimh – Myrryrs
Gold Drip – C.Z.
Bug In The Rug – Daega Sound
Look Like – Scared Striker
Enter The Wardrobe (RocCazba Remix) – Montgomery Clunk
Offkey – Blackwax
Pencil Pimp – Sepalcure
Congo Blade Runner – Krampfhaft
Ily – Kahn

PS :: Be sure to listen all the way through. The last track by Kahn is one of my favorites!


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