Hudson Mowhawke – Satin Panthers EP

Do you know that feeling when a track you know is dropped and you immediately open your ears and begin to tune into the music in a way that you hadn’t before. It’s that little nuance that makes you turn your head and go… DAMN. This is what keeps happening every time someone drops Hud Mo’s ear bender, Cbat. I’m hearing it everywhere, and I can’t help but bring my bounce to full throttle. Before I know it I’m jabbing my roommate’s lady in the jaw with flying elbows and swinging high kicks. Oops!

Check out Cbat here…

The EP was released last summer with Warp Records and is available for purchase from

Here’s an album teaser…




(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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