Wepa! – Wepa! [East Van Digital EVDLP005]

Organic, intelligent, futuristic and fresh… The self-titled debut album from Wepa! is a curious blend of off-the-grid world beat with refined, tasteful electronica. Producers Gameboy and Self Evident have teamed with East Van Digital to create a full length album unlike any I’ve heard in quite a while. Pulling elements from all corners of the globe, Wepa! is charting new territory with this safari of sound.  Listening to this album makes me feel like it’s time to just slow down… yet get moving at the same time.

Step into the infinite now, and allow these soothing rhythms to move you; to massage you; to melt you. And maybe you too can begin to integrate all of the sought after samples you’ve compiled in your data bank to create a beautiful symphony of yourself. Be the music you want to hear. Listen to the drum that lies locked beneath your rib cage. Are you listening?

For those that don’t know, East Van Digital is one of Vancouver’s premier recording labels with releases by Frank Grimes, Gameboy, HxDB, Ill-Essha, J-Roc, Kir Mokem, The Librarian, Ryan Wells, Self Evident, Woodhead, and Yan Zombie, among others. I would recommend taking a perusal of their catalogue.

Much love to the creators for this one. Wepa! is officially on the map. We don’t know exactly where… but they are definitely on there.


(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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