13 Days ’til Decibel Festival – Tipper

Just 14 Days ’till Decibel and I’m feeling lucky, twice. Seven is my lucky number… which happens to also be the number of days in a week as well as representing the seven sacred directions. What this means is that in two weeks or two times seven days, the only direction I will be headed is to Decibel Festival.

Today we will have a listen to the world famous engineer of sound, Tipper. Well known to electronic music enthusiasts, UK producer David Tipper is an originator of what we now know as Bass. During the 90s when EDM was still in the womb, Tipper was in the lab experimenting with new and different frequencies never before introduced as music. Finding security in the science of bass, Tipper began his journey into the realm of experimental music performance.

One of the reasons I like Tipper is that when it comes to bringing the bass, this man booms! Around 2000, Like the Jamaican sound system engineers that forged the way for low frequency modulation, Tipper built a mobile sound system. In fact, with the help of friend Richie Warren, he built two. A pair of lucky 1970s black Dodge Chargers were outfitted with hydraulic lifted,  fully powered bass stations. Each consisting of 6×18″ subs along with Funktion One mid/tops speaker units; these babies bounced. They would roll around bumping tunes so loudly that they once received complaints from The Prodigy’s stage manager for disrupting the show by playing too loudly in the parking lot.


Since then, Tipper has produced for, played for, and partaken in just about everyone’s projects. As one of the world’s most advanced audio engineers, he is known for his experimental approach to creating some of the best dance music to ever be heard by earth people.

Here’s some music to keep your ears occupied until the next two weeks are up and my luck’s run out. Once that happens, I guess I will have to give in and get my tickets to Decibel Festival. I’ve been hoping to get some media passes so I can spend my money on buying music instead.

My fingers are crossed. All seven on each hand.

Pick up tickets at the DB website and check the schedule here!

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