Moontricks – The Ignition EP [Really Good Recordings]

Welcome to Ganjaology.  Let me hit you with some quick info.  Mat The Aliens new record label Really Good Recordings has just released some of the most original, non-overproduced, organic, and overall appealing glitch hop I’ve heard up to this date.  The group you’re listening to goes by the name of Moontricks and is made up of long time friends and Canadian residents Nog and Mr. Mercy.  The name of their EP is The Ignition.

When I hear the word Ignite I think of a match lighting…or some sort of flame bursting into existence.  When I hear The Ignition EP I hear a that flame being lit.  That flame represents a new take on Glitch Hop and a new appreciation for the more minimal side of the genre.  That flame then turns into a steady fire consisting of beautifully hot guitar melodies and scorching bass lines that burn away any silence in the surrounding area.

I can’t really pick one song out of the four to call my favorite…the EP is short enough to listen to all the way through without the thought of changing any of the songs occurring.  In fact, I’d like there to be a few more songs!  Oh well…I guess we’ll have to wait for the next release.  One last thing I would like to note before wrapping this up is how well Moontricks incorporated breaks into all of the songs on The Ignition EP. It gives the whole EP a very airy and spacious feel and adds as much character to the music as all the funky bass lines, drums, synths, and guitars do.

Listen, Share, Support, Burn A Fatty.




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