Artist Highlight – Drifts

          There’s  an INSANE amount of artists living in Canada that are so loved in their home communities, at the festivals that flourish in the mountains during the ever so short Canadian summer, so supported by local venues, radio stations, and above all the Canadian people, that there is no need to tour around the States (or outside the West Coast for that matter) and therefore all you wonderful bass music lovers in good ol’ Amurrrica are not exposed to the musical movement that is taking place in our Northern tree covered neighbor.

          A group that I had the pleasure of camping with this summer, and who fall into this category of “Canadian artists you probably have not heard of if you’re American”, is DRIFTS.  I met Justin and Ryan together shortly after the official Ganjaology landing at Shambhala Music Festival in August. They had just come back from some sort of epic mission somewhere on the festival grounds.  The specifics of what they were up to, where they were coming from, and where they were going are unknown and not particularly important now.  What I will tell you is that these two came into camp with such a high energy and welcoming smiles that you couldn’t help but like the two right off the bat.  Justin’s a little more reserved and well spoken.  Ryan really knows how to party.  Together, they’re a duo going by the name Drifts, who create really heavy, happy, bouncy beats that are infused with all sorts of funky synth lines.  On top of that , they sprinkle a little love and… BAM! It’s time for you to get your daily dose of Drifts.     They only have a few tracks up on SoundCloud right now, but I’ve heard some of what’s to come… you bass lovers will be blessed by the sounds of Drifts in many magical ways for years to come.  


1. Luke Vibert – Ambalek
2. B.Bravo – Just Listen
3. Com Truise – Future World
4. Audit – Back to Normal
5. Poldoore – Banana Hammock
6. Robot Koch – English Money
7. Heyoka – Moth Dub
8. Bluetech – Polychrome
9. Timonkey – Heaven and Earth
10. Toddla T – Streets so Warm feat. Wayne Marshall feat. Skream
11. Mimosa – Up in the Clouds
12. Naive Machine – Robot Ramification (Virtual Boy Remix)
13. Tipper – Cuckoo
14. Ghostmutt – Thoroughbred
15. Pavel Dovgal – Kiss Purple
16. Paper Tiger – Deep Sea Space
17. Alphabets Heaven – Boosh
18. Slugabed – Mountains Come Out Of the Sky
19. Jon Wayne – Andrew
20. Hot Chip – Look at where we are (Major Lazer vs Junior Blender Remix)


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