Julian Sartorius – Beat Diary

Felt tipped pen. Sticks on an elevator shaft. Cymbal Monkey. Mallets striking harvest wheat.

These are only a few of the dynamic instruments that Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius has used in his year long Beat Diary project. The mission was to create one beat, each day for a whole year; using only the sounds of his environment. No effects, no loops, just Julian and his drum kit, plus any interesting sounds he could throw together using a field recorder with an overdub button.

Covering a wide range of music, Julian has been studying percussion and sound from a young age. While much of his work could be called jazz, hip hop, experimental or world music; his style cannot be classified. Specializing in unusual, unprocessed, acoustic sounds – Julian’s music embodies the soul of an artist. Though different than pretty much anything I’ve heard before, the Beat Diary work is enriching and enlivening. Spirited and full of life,  this music is sure to make you move.


The sounds are being released today through Swiss label Everest Records as a 12 LP set which includes each of the 365 beats accompanied by 365 photos to tell the story. Also included is a download code for digital copies of the songs. Only 365 of these exclusive box sets are available, so get it while you can.



(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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