GRIZ // Pressha // Dirty Byrdz // Physix // FEB 8TH

For the last couple weeks I’m sure you’ve seen all of the GRIZ flyers around the city, and getting passed around through the internet.  Last Friday while I was down in Portland, Oregon, for a TMK1 art show, I caught wind that GRIZ was playing that night at the Refuge.  The TMK1 art show was over at 11pm, so as soon as the whole crew was packed up and ready to go, we were in route to one of the most entertaining electronic music shows to hit Portland in a while.

By the time a couple Swishers had been burned and a few people had been dropped off, Ganjaology and TMK1 arrived at the Refuge at half past midnight, just in time to witness GRIZ captivate the entire building with an extraordinary saxophone solo that led right back into some funky glitch-hop madness.  For the next couple hours, GRIZ held the crowds captivated while he bounced between the harder sounds of dubstep, the bouncier side of glitch-hop, and his own live instrumentation intertwined through out the performance.  Unfortunately, I was having so much fun that those couple hours seemed just like a few minutes.

Next Friday, February 8th, Seattle is going to have the wonderful treat of seeing GRIZ perform live at The Crocodile with support from BassDrop Music artists Pressha, Dirty Byrdz, and Physix.  The show is ALL AGES, everyone is invited!  There are going to be a lot of heads out to support GRIZ and the BassDrop crew so grap pre-sale tickets for this event.  The first two tiers of pre-sale tickets are sold out, but it’s not too late to grab the 3rd tier pre-sales for $20 after taxes.


This is going to be a show you don’t want to miss!!


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Detroit, MI
Liberated Music

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Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Music

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Seattle, WA
Bassdrop Music

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Tacoma, WA
Bassdrop Music


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