MIK Versus Kahn – The Mix

MIK, UK, Brixton, Kahn,

Ok grime fans… This one’s for you. Brixton killah soundboy Kahn has teamed with the sinister word smith MIK on this simply filthy mix. If you don’t know already, MIK is one of the hardest hitting MCs coming out of the UK grime culture. With support from his crew Family Tree including MCs Merky Ace, Ego, TKO and Shifman and in-house producers Faze Miyake and Splurt, MIK spills lyrical genius into his music. This mix is that fire.

For those that like to smoke

BLUNT after BLUNT after BLUNT after BLUNT

roll up and kick back to this

DUB after DUB after DUB after DUB.

Track List:

Back You Know (Swizzee)
Wooo Riddem Freestyle (SX)
Ice Rink Freestyle (Wiley)
Duppy & Leave (Kahn Dub)
Fly Boy (Wiley)
Flushing MCs (Kahn Dub)
Do It (Kahn Dub)
Ninja Freestyle (Exo)
TMEYE Freestyle (Kahn Dub)
Trouble Maker 2 (Wiley)
DPMO (Nu Klear)
Shut Down Feat. Merky ACE (Kahn Dub)

MCs Merky Ace, Ego, TKO and Shifman


(( man.amen )) Existing in the earth balance, we evolve our etheric substance. Our eyes glitter while we dance across the cosmos. MM

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