People Music presents… Brenmar // Self Evident // NovaTRON vs. Shapey // H$H – Tonight at Lofi

Ganjaology, Brenmar, Lofi

Tonight in Seattle, People Music is hosting an exciting showcase of smashing electronic musicians to mash up the dance floor. At the top of the bill is Chicago raised, Brooklyn based producer Brenmar. Known for his unique sound, Brenmar intertwines popular R&B hooks with chicago style juke, UK bass, and a his own NYC club crusher style. Next up is one of our favorites out of Vancouver.  Self Evident is known not for any specific style, but rather for his impressive display of mixing multi-genre sets which are as deep as they are alive. Both of these heavy hitters, will be performing for the first time in Seattle tonight. Don’t miss it!

Also, be sure to get there early to catch the superb local talent which will be supporting.  We have novaTRON vs. DJ Shapeshifter on a dual set, as well as H$H (DJ’s Domino MF and Bobbi Rich). The event, which will be held at Lofi in Seattle, will be turned up with custom sound by Starbourne!

Looking forward to seeing you all out at Lofi tonight!!

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