nonXero Remixes Rhythm & Sound with Exuberance!

Ganjaology, nonXero

So I’ve been really digging the music I have from the classic Berlin dub duo Rhythm & Sound, and I was searching for some new tunes from them when I came across this remix by Toronto based dubstepper, nonXero. While at first I was skeptical, after hitting play, I was immediately sucked in. The flavor with which he highlights the tune is exquisite. Crisp and clean, yet echoing with rushes and sweeps, the track breaks, builds, breaths and bellows… bursting with delicious atmospherics and heavenly bass.

If you are not already hip to the music coming from nonXero, I would highly recommend you tune in. He is a staple of the Toronto electronic scene and heads up 1N 7H3 M1X Records. I added a few additional tracks for y’all to groove to. Many of these include DL links. Get served!

Big up nonXero, the Toronto bass scene, and most importantly… yourself.



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