Smoke Noises – 2000 Pounds

Smoke Noises

Do you like buku bass, boom bap beats, birthday cake, and bunnies? Well then I’ve got just the musical scratch to your itch.

Chemist and Mooke of Smoke Screen and Ghost Noises team up to make the cleveland hip hop super power Smoke Noises. The three began with their collaboration in 2011 with Ghost’s remix of Smoke Screen’s “Re-imagined”. Now on October 22nd the trio have set to release their full length album on Alloy-X Records, and let me tell you it’s a big one.

The album flows through many different vibes, all tied together by these talented mc’s style. From the chilled out production of Broken Keys, to the unique percussive beats from Alloy-X head Urbindex, to the (for lack of a better word) turnt up 2000 pounds produced by Z Quiz, this Smoke Noises album brings a little bit of every sound.

Below is the music video of first single off of the album, “2000 Pounds” shot by Turnstyle Films.

These guys are really killing it right now. From their lyrical talent, to their comedic aspect, to their unique and fresh production everything about this project is a hit. Catch these guys live at the grog shop Nov. 28th!

Also as a bonus Cleveland native now based in the bay area, Josh Mace has done an awesome funky house remix of “2000 Pounds”. Available for FREE DOWNLOAD now!!


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