Bonobo. Album Review. Tour.


Bonobo – AKA Simon Green – has definitely hit the zenith of his career after his 2013 release of “The North Borders,” a strong follow-up to his highly anticipated 2010 album “Black Sands” – a mesmerizing landmark on his rise to fame. Even though this is his fifth studio album,“The North Borders” presents Green’s skills, versatility and a natural transformation in this record. Showcasing vocalists such as Erykah Badu, upcoming artist Szjerdene and Grey Reverend, Green has made a fusion of downtempo, trip hop and orchestral electronic music. From beginning to end, “The North Borders” lacks the conformity of most popular downtempo artists and this theme continues throughout all of Green’s albums. Listening to Bonobo’s debut album, “Animal Magic,” one can definitely recognize his familiar elegance that has followed him through the past 12 years.

Track one, “First Fires,” featuring Grey Reverend, is a moonless and tender intro with a music video to support the emotional energy. As the album progresses to track six, “Sapphire,” and instrumental piece with vocal samples, we are transported into an unpretentious trance. If you haven’t already, light one up to prepare yourself for “Towers,” featuring Szjerdine, and try not to feel too lonely. The album finishes on a lighter note with “Pieces,” featuring Cornelia singing, ‘love is in the eye of the beholder/I used to keep the light as lit with you.’

Catch Bonobo this month!

For those of you in B.C., Bonobo will be performing a live set at his SOLD OUT Commodore show in Vancouver on October 22nd. Then he’s hitting up Victoria at Club 9one9 on the 23rd. And for y’all in this lovely city, Bonobo will be at the Showbox (Market) on October 24th – tickets are still available. If you live elsewhere, I haven’t forgotten about you. You can check out his full tour here.



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