Sight & Lowgritt – The Ascension

Over the past year and a half, Californian based hip-hop artists Sight and Lowgritt have been steadily grinding away at a project that has finally come to an end.  Their debut album together, The Ascension, is a display of funky West coast beats and conscious lyrics that are meant to inspire you…make you think…and above all, make you get down on the dance floor!  This 12 track album is a really positive piece of art.  In a day and age where a lot of rap and hip-hop coming out is about violence and drug dealing, an album that has such a ‘bass music’ vibe and at the same time keeps a more classic hip-hop style really stands out.  Sight and Lowgritt even featured Ganjaology’s Callisto on a couple tracks!  Be sure to give The Ascension a good listen and support Sight & Lowgritt down in sunny Cali.

Here are a few words for the artists themselves…

“The creation of this album took place during the cosmic transition which has brought our planet into the age of Aquarius. The idea was to create an album that could capture that moment of transition through lyrical, thought-provoking vocals and emotionally engaging productions that were tuned harmonically at 432 hz. We began working on The Ascension in the early months of 2012. ” – Sight & Lowgritt


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