The Trailer TV #16 – Alphabets Heaven, Circle Traps, Stanky

Ganjaology, Trailer TV

Do you ever feel like the tunes you want to hear just aren’t being played at any clubs in your area? Tired of wishing you were living in London so that you can really get down to the fascinating sounds of the UK bass culture!? Well now is your opportunity to tune in from your home, car or mobile device. No need for expensive flights, long layovers or mind bending jet lag. All you need is an internet connection… and the super special link below!

Tune in tomorrow for a special online radio feature presentation of some of the sexiest music being offered this side of Neptune. Our friends at The Trailer TV will be hosting an awesome lineup of DJs and live audio production engineers which will send their sounds out over the inter-frequencies, just for your ears.

We’ll hear performances from Alphabets Heaven (King Deluxe, Cleaning Tapes), Circle Traps LIVE (Five Easy Pieces), Stanky LIVE (Shades), and the Trailer TV resident R: Phodee. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to listen live to some of the most progressive electronic bass music available right now.

It goes down tomorrow, Thur Nov 14, 2013 3:30-7:00 EST

…that’s 12:30-4:00 for all you West Coasters!

More info about the event, the lineup, and the organizers of TTV here.

Here’s the link to listen: TUNE IN!

Ganjaology, Alphabets Heaven, Circle Traps, Stanky, The Trailer TV

In case you miss it, the broadcast will be recorded and posted here. Plus check in for past shows that have already aired. Most recently they had DJ Rashad!



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