Beat Garden Compilation III – Presented By: Gergaz NetLabel

Gergaz NetLabel, founded and still based in Slovakia, is a small record label putting out big releases from a diverse group of artists you’ve probably never heard of.   The label was started as a place for a few beat makers to display their music, and over the course of the last 6 years Gergaz has become known for releasing (mostly) free, non-commercial, electronic music, that often eludes any sort of genre classification.  The latest release on Gergaz NetLabel is entitled Beat Garden Compilation III.  As the title states, this is the third installment of a three year, three part album series compiled of strictly awesome beats called Beat Garden.  This album touches on all corners and tempos of electronic music today, and for the most party keeps a cool chilled out tone throughout the songs.

The compilation includes Headshotboyz feat. Dalma Berger, Kelpe, Mute Speaker, FVLCRVM, Oddlogic, Shatter Hands, Yuki Sato, Sina., Fallgrapp, The Black Arrow., sosiego/金, Jimmy Pé, KONCH!S, Stratasoul, Nolan House, Broc Berrigan, GLGN, Je$u$ and Jetsam.

This album is free, but if you want to donate some money to help keep Gergaz NetLabel going that is always appreciated! Enjoy the music, share it with your friends, and stay up with what Gergaz has got going on!

Bless up!



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