Abigail Press – WAVY – The European Tour Kickstarter

Our good friend Abigail Press has been putting in work with a number of European based artists for the last couple years and oddly enough…she has not been able to make it across the Atlantic  to perform with any of them… yet!  It is time for Abigail to embark on a European tour and she needs your help to fund the adventure.  In her own words… here is a bit about her dream tour….

“My name is Abigail Press, I’m a soul electronica singer and producer from Portland, OR, and I want to go on a European tour, but not just any tour…

WAVY: The European Tour is a concept that has been evolving ever since I started collaborating with musicians overseas via Soundcloud. I’ve created dozens of songs with people that I’ve never met; communicated and built connections with musicians over sound-waves. What would happen if we met? What new sounds would we create? What would it be like to perform our music together?

This tour will be a chance to connect those sound-waves. Each stop on the tour is a chance to meet my collaborators and perform music that we’ve made together. The money that I raise from this Kickstarter will go directly toward funding the travel expenses during for the trip this Fall. If I am funded, I will fly over ocean waves to meet these talented musicians and create new WAVY music in person. We will make waves.”

Help Abigail get to her goal of $2,500 by making a donation to her KickStarter.


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