WTF?! Artist Highlight – BARISONE

WTF?! Artist Highlight – BARISONE

Written By: Avalon Ainsley

A pillar in Portland’s EDM community, Barisone is a humble king serving up a banquet of get down n feel good music. With roots in hip hop and inspirations from across the board, his sets never have a dull moment. They are sexy and playful… they are dirty beautiful… above all, they just straight up G.  With the power of the pied piper Barisone will fill the dance floor and take you on a musical adventure unlike any other. Like being a puppet on strings being played by a master puppeteer it’s impossible not to dance and have fun at his shows. His sets are consistently fresh and surprising. He’ll throw you your favorites then open your ears to things you’ve never heard of, but can’t wait to hear again, while incorporating his own loops, layers, and pure Barisone magic. This is a true artist and crowd pleaser, skilled in the art of giving eargasms.

What better place to have this much fun than at the infamous WTF?! pool party?! This is a summer dream come true. You definately do not want to sleep on this. It’s gonna be one for the books! Blow up your float, put on your bathing suit and n come get your splash on. Saturday 2pm at WTF?! !


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