About Ganjaology

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Ganjaology was created by a small team of Seattle Based, new age space travelers in an effort to bring awareness,  share music and ideas, and to promote the vibes that carry us home. We are in a state of constant change and development, and it is the mission of Ganjaology to keep ourselves and our audience updated on the music, words and wisdom emanating from of our little slice of culture. Our not-for-profit media model allows readers to tune in at their leisure to the sounds that we think best describe us. Like the deep bass that rattles our speakers, we too breath and echo, dancing through the vast reaches of our collective consciousness. Do you recognize us? Because we certainly know you.

Bless up.

  1. Nice site guys. Look forward to new posts

  2. Thanks! Send your tunes, mixes, events… We’ll get them posted. And send your friends… We’ll get them lifted!

  3. Respect for your review of my single – your kind words mean a lot! Jim (Concealed Identity)

    • Big up dude. Thanks!

      In fact, will you please email us with some more info about Concealed Identity and the project. I couldn’t really find anything about it, so we gave some credit to JR, but we would love to correct that. Give credit where credit is due. Seen!?


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