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Morcee – Its You (Four40 Records)

The Ganjaologist sent me this release a few days ago telling me it was some next level stuff on a different vibe, and my god was he right. Morcee smashed this single with some large clean synth work and some SERIOUS percussive additives. My mind doesn’t know where to go when listening to the original mix of the single “Its You” the panning is absolutley insane and the space in the mix is so deep you just get lost, but not to worry… its a good thing. Next is the Lakosa remix and Lakosa came at it on a different approach, some progressive vibes on this one. With the deep bassy kick keeping the tune alive a warm outer-space like synth starts to creep into the back of your mind only drawing you closer to your speakers leaving you wondering whats coming next and to your surprise comes a deep ever so clean bassline that just cracks your skull and brings you, the tune, and the club to life. Shakers, cowbells, whatever you want to call the percussion in this tune starts to take over and the tune ties itself together, amazing. Now, the last tune I listened to on this EP was the Majora remix, which I was extremely excited to hear. The tune opens up with a nice punchy kick and some sharp synth stabs then a “tribal” like beat starts to earn its place hooking you, telling you to turn it up… then it drops and all I can see in my mind is thousands dancing until every drop of sweat works it way out of the pores of every lifeform effected by the heavy percussion and bassline of this incredible tune. Morcee, Lakosa, and Majora you have without a doubt earned the respect of many and of course left everybody’s jaws dropped here at Ganjaology, BIG UP! and big up Four40 Records for releasing this incredible work of art.

Pick up the EP HERE!

Listen to Morcee’s tunes HERE!

Listen to Majora’s tunes HERE!

Listen to Lakosa’s tunes HERE!

KSH & Soloman – Oh My

Okay so, picture Soloman’s scratchy dark bass synths and KSH’s vocoder/vocal sample tweaks and just smash them together with a bangin’ beat and some beautiful synth work and you’ve got this AWESOME collab. They went all out on this one, this is without a doubt in my mind some of the most original work I’ve heard in quite a while. It is a very progressive tune which is something to be cherished with this style of bass music.

big up KSH and big up Soloman

Levela Ft. Funsta – Scatta (EPTIC REMIX)

Seriously, when I listen to Eptic I feel like I’m a cartoon, I love it. This man’s production is as tight as can be.

That is all.

Enjoy (:


Dubsalon – Durban Chamber LP

Big up to the Dubsalon for this wicked LP, every single aspect of this well-crafted piece is absolutley amazing! What grabs my attention most though is the groovy percussion, every hit, every fill is so clean and panned ever so proper. The album changes tempos every so often giving the listener a nice relief from the previous groove, nothing but good vibes coming from this piece. The first tune on this LP entitled “In a Dream” hooks you into this deep space ride, training you, getting you ready to expierience something many people will never get to encounter. With synths that sound as if they were falling from the skies and ambiences only those of different galaxies can comprehend this tune takes you on a ride you won’t soon forget, and of course right smack in the middle is a thick bassline just carrying the tune right along. I suggest opening up your mind and forgetting all that you know and just letting the music take control, many people may say that but it’s not very often that the music is as smooth and thorough as this. The next tune on the album cannot be named more perfect, it is called “Shifting mood” and that’s exactly what the music is doing, the tempo slows down giving the tune kind of a “moomba” percussive feel but forget all those mid range squelches and noises, nothing but pure music and positivy is layed upon this beat, once again I love Dubsalon’s use of panning he really makes sure your head is in a different place when you listen to this, the space he provides is unbelievable and only helping that is the increble use of delays and reverbs, so clean and no masking. With all the space there is so much room for melody and Dubsalon took advantage of that like no other. Dubsalon tends to keep this slow groove for a few more tunes before bringing the tempo back up. The order of the songs on this album is even awesome, this being one of the most important things (even though most don’t know it) it makes sure the listener does not feel too dragged along and listening to this album… well, I DID NOT want it to end. BIG UP DUBSALON AND BIG UP IDEOLOGY RECORDS!

Pick up the album here (free)

Check Dubsalon’s tunes here

like Dubsalon’s facebook here

Here are a few tunes from the LP

Skream – Inhumane

This is evil, its inhumane. Skream you LEGEND

Seriously, not much else I can say listen up.

STINKAHBELL – Amphibious

ya gotta show Stinkahbell some love they’re pumping out the fire like no other, after listenening to pretty much all of their available tunes it was a difficult decision which one to write about… but there is always that one where you cant help but to just rewind it 4 or 5…or 8 more times, this is that tune. The massive reverbs and sharp growling synths accompanied by a groovy floor stomping beat leaves you no other choice but to press play multiple times. Oh ya, and the second drop MADNESS!

Kinzy – Hum!

My god Kinzy is killing it! Super bassy four to the floor with some spacey ambience, tribal percussion and bit crushed snares! this tune has got so much energy its unbelievable! this is sure to smash any dance-floor in the future.

check it.


Disonata – Shadow Catchers EP

I was browsing the cloud for some new tunes to jam to when I  of course clicked on Disonata’s page, and guess what… he came through. Disonata’s latest EP “Shadow Catchers” is a basshead’s dream! Spacey synth work, skull shattering snares, and of course a bassline that’ll leave your jaw dropped.  I STRONGLY adivise bagging these tunes quick ’cause they will make any set a must hear. Big up Disonata, big up Illicit Trade Records and shouts to Standard Procedure for the massive remix of ” Sound Killa” featured on this E.P.

Very dark, very sick.

Suspect & Mr. Boogie – Stinking Mug

Yet another fresh crisp tune from across the pond, what else is new? Some serious sound design in this riddem, lovin’ absolutely every synth in this peice very gutteral and drenched in verb, gives it such a nasty deep feel and I’m digging the hell out of it. The ambience really gives the tune space making it sound other worldly. Excellent work on this one keep an eye on these two. Also, the sample is just awesome.


The Aliens – Enough Said (Megalodon VIP)


Megalodon goin’ in on this VIP! this tune is the meaning of massive, massive enough for a rewind or two! Crushing percussion and deafening chugs… just what I like. The Aliens already killed it on the original but fuck it, let’s give it a double tap. BIG UP THE MEGALODON BIG UP THE ALIENS

Requake & Brownz – Bounce

Straight WEIGHT coming from the unstoppable bass pioneers Requake & Brownz. I have never been dissapointed when I press play on one of their tunes and as soon as I hit play on this one it had to be shared. This tune presents such craft, sofistication and creativity all under the nice warm blanket of bass that rattled my entire studio throughout the entire track. The synth and percussion work in such a way that it’s sure to make you BOUNCE!

Soloman – Crunkin


MASSIVE tune coming from Soloman, I know I’m going to be rinsing this tune on the regular. SNAP YA FINGAS! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Vodex – Get Movin Promo Mix

If this huge half hour mix spun by the one and only Vodex doesn’t get your ass up and  moving there is seriously something wrong with you. Vodex really took advantage of the UK  “4 to the floor” style of dubstep on this one which I LOVE, nothing gets people going like some dancy melodic bass and beats. Not to mention it all mixes damn near perfectly. Finally the halftime weighty bass makes its presence known at the end. This is the stuff that really gets our hearts here at Ganjaology pumping. Big up to the VODEX!

KLRGRM – Royale

Such a clean, well-crafted production coming from Birmingham’s KLRGRM, this producer has MANY anthems under his belt and i highly recommend getting to know what he’s about. The second I heard this tune I had share it,  that sludgy synth KLRGRM is known for and those skull cracking beats are bound to make anybody with in listening distance start bobbing their head. 2012 is KLRGRM’s year.

MAN-AMEN – Broken Mickey Heart Mix

Straight vibes coming from Ganjaology’s own Man-Amen with his Broken Mickey Heart Mix. This is one hour of non-stop love, bass, and positivity. I popped this in my system last night and as soon as the smooth pad-filled 16 bars of D Minds banger “Ugly” blessed my ears, I was hooked.  The mix speaks for itself. Big up to the professor himself, Man-Amen.


Ugly – D*Minds
Broken Heart – TRG
DZ & Kozee – Turnin’ Me
Dog Money (Lovemix) – Asbo (Loefah & SGT Pokes)
Shallow – 16 Bit
Underwater City – TZR & Press
Love Don’t Come Easily – Skream
Sunday Morning Dub – Ripple
No Sunshine – Distance
Take Me Back – The Widdler
Sidetrak – Boxcutter
Crystal Film (Close Remix) – Little Dragon
Subconscious – Jogo
Reminissin’ – Geiom (Featuring Marita)
Strawberry Kiss – Orien
Gorilla March – Grimelock feat Alchemyst
Sirens – V.I.V.E.K
Red Sand – Jack Sparrow
Evolution – Benga
Otherside Remix (Earth Is My Spaceship) – Boxcutter
2012 – Pinch & Emika
Spread Love – V.I.V.E.K

Dimming Sky – Passafire

Here something a little different.

Melodies weaving in and out, lyrics that leave you no choice but to sing along, and let’s not forget the fat basslines which drive their tunes and make you want to move no matter what. With a style all their own ranging from jump up, bang your head rock to some of the smoothest reggae and relaxing dubs you’ll ever hear. Passafire, a 4 piece band from Savannah Georgia has found their way into the hearts of thousands of people by singing true words and playing their hearts out for the sake of music. These talented young musicians are without a doubt going to be huge in no time, when they’re not in the studio creating beautiful and positive music they are on tour spreading the love to their fans, they just released their fourth studio album entitled “Start From Scratch” which hit number 1 on the itunes charts in the reggae genre. This is an acoustic rendition of their song “Dimming Sky” from their latest album. Enjoy, one love.

Like their Facebook HERE and stay up to date with Passafire. GET TO KNOW!

RDG – Cosmic Space Ride EP


Coming straight out of Copenhagen, Denmark the weighty bass weilding producer RDG is sure to make a stamp on the bass music scene. His new EP “Cosmic Space Ride” was just released on Kraken Recordings and it is HUGE hes coming with a style all his own and it shows, 2012 is going to be an enormous year for this talented musician/producer. Take a listen here.

Mary J Blige – Aint Nobody (Brown & Gammon Remix)

Without a doubt, dubstep producer Brown and Gammon will be blowing up in no time, his incredibly clean productions, catchy leads and ear splitting drops crush venues and make dancefloors shake and crumble. Every track he releases blows me away more than the last, being a member of the well known “Circus Records” he supported by many influential and talented producers and musicians, take notes.


Bukez Finezt Promo Mix

Really been diggin’ this dude’s vibe lately. Banger after banger with his dark underground sound this German producer is coming up fast with a unique fashion that will destroy any dance floor that stands in his way. Check out his promo mix. !DANGEROUS!

Alpha Steppa – Get Up Dub

Killing em’ with positive vibes, this carefully crafted tune does just that. With its smooth pads, plucked melodic strings, and deep clean bassline accompanied by heavily reverberated percussion it eases the mind and encourages us to take a break from it all and let the music take control. So light one up, lean back, and enjoy the smooth dub vibes coming from Alpha Steppa