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Kaiju – Hedmuk Exclusive Mix (Feat. Toast)

Ever since listening to their PYC session and FKOF mix, I’ve been hungry for more weighty indulgence ushered in by the dark dragons of Kaiju.  Entering this new year, Kaiju’s Exclusive Mix for Hedmuk’s bass music blog marks my first highlight of feeling those next level forces of 2013.  Also known as some of the serious sound scientists on 
Osiris Music, Kaiju, leads you on a journey full of the freshest surges and the heaviest of Dubs. The introduction simply says it all, “lay back and meditate.”  Their cutting-edge, melodic bass riddims roll in with rumbling growls and towering drops that manifest the thickest sound nodes.   Creating frequencies well-suited for Cymatic Therapy, Kaiju’s vibrations slay with keen and deep penetrating sounds, suited to stir every single sense.  The pulsing percussion of punching kicks and snares will surely lock your ear drums into this captivating underground realm.

Kaiju & Killawatt – Cave Of Wonders (Dub)

Kaiju & Perverse – Named After Heroes (Dub)

Kaiju – Snaggle Puss (Dub)

Kaiju – Close Break VIP (Dub)

Kaiju – Fall Guy (Dub)

Kaiju – Clang (Dub)

Kaiju – Seven (Dub)

Kaiju – Silverfish (Osiris Music)

Perverse – Cross Examination (feat. Beezy) (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Noisia – Dipolodocus (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Wrong Turn (Dub)

Kaiju – Atomic (Dub)

Kaiju – Think Twice (Dub)

Gantz – Catalyst (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Joke Shop (Dub)

Kaiju & Nanobyte – Faded (Dub)

Kaiju & Truth – Untitled (Dub)

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Cay’s Crays (Kaiju Edit) (Dub)

Kaiju – Roodbwoi (Dub)

Kaiju – Sniper Situation (Dub)

Kaiju – 3 + 2 (Dub)

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Treemeista – Swomp Vol. 3

Hailing from the redwood hub of Humboldt, Treemeista prides every sound system with renegade rhythms.  The ruff stylistic intro will hook your ear drums Captain Hook style and keep your senses locked in to his swamp of sub-bass, heavy, 808s.  Honing Intelligent Bass Music, Treemeista, drops his style in a dripping, wobble, dub mode that keeps the energy flowing strong through reverbing selections and wicked bassline combinations.  Don’t miss out on Volume 3 of this massive Swomp mix series.


Killawatt – A New Direction

Killawatt powers up the voltage with dense drum patters draping over a mood of tribalistic – lush ambience.  Heavily solidified by the percussive soundscape, “A New Direction,” journeys through its foundation of rising and slowing tempos that melts those blissful sounds of instrumental echoes.  The warming bass background holds true to the heady atmosphere setting up so perfectly for those speaker tickling effects.  Definitely a production your ear drums should not miss.  Grab the Overflow EP here and reward your musical library with some prime cuts of Killawatt.

Support the artist and follow his Soundcloud here

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Ray Ray

Emerging from the sands of Wellington, New Zealand, Fat Freddy’s Drop roots themselves deep as musical connoisseurs.  This futuristic dub/electronic funk/jazzy/soulful masterpiece, “Ray Ray,” radiates with the raddest of rhythms suited for everybody’s infinite expression.  Wether its the beating of bass roping in your attention nodes or the breaks of laser flares inciting body grooving swerves, the simple question “what’s the world with no soul” will wrap your mind around this earful of a track.  Incase this one is new to you and you’re feeling this beat pay attention to these lines so powerfully presented.

“Tell me what’s the world with no soul?”

“The world to me, is more than evolution

More than money, more than technology

I believe, that there’s more than evolution

Like you can change your mind, but you can’t change your destiny

Blood is blood, and thicker than water

Men will die, to live forever

The race is on and I could be standing still

Cos I have faith in something more than my will”


Dynamic – Up in my World

Here is to another beat stuck on repeat.  If you love those rapid hat hits, ambient bass, or funk spliced jungle-jazz then heres the sound for your ears.  Dynamic   establishes this one with liquifying dnb, pouring the foundation for a vocal sample so timeless and nostalgic it dances in and out with the smoothest of class.  Recently released under the worldwide label, Rubik Recordings, “Up in my World” is a must for any aural adventure.  Let the music set your free.

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Mochipet – Moguera

Coming out of the bay area on Daly City Records, Mochipet delivers heavy wags of sound under the genre of Godzilla Bass.  Moguera, the featured track for the Petnation Remix Contest offers a golden opportunity for any of you sound scientists.  Beginning with tin hitting elements and progressing electronically into synthesizer melodies, Mochipet sends every listener through the mediums of a massive danceable cadence supplied by treats of swooping beats.

!Win the remix contest and open for Mochipet on his new stage!


SaQi – Heart’s Castle EP

Fusing the speakers with cultural rhythms and instruments, SaQi brings the danceable beat around with engaging tempos.  SaQi, a composer, producer, and trumpet player emerging from Portland flourishes in bohemian style on GYPSYPOP RECORDS!  On his 6 track EP, “Heart’s Castle,” SaQi incorporates talented vocalists into a wide variety of intimate instruments blending with stylistic synths.  The combination of sexy brass,  unique vocals, buzzing distortion, and wobble fusion keeps your ears glued to his sounds and will surely get your body in a deep groovin focus.  Support the artist on and reward yourself with his tracks of treasure.

Dubamine – Tribute

Dubamine, a top shelf riddim creator, delivers with the purest of vibrations forming a spacey atmosphere colored by echoing and ribbed scraper percussion.  Chiming with authentic flavor, Dubamine floods the floor with freshly fused ragga dub sound.  Tributing to its roots and praising a master of dub creation, Dubamine, continues this fresh legacy of rootsy dub production. Cheers to any Dubamine dose, this strong substance is sure to supply ultimate satisfaction.

Bredren – Pulsar

Inside this alive universe, beams of pulsars like Bredren’s, utilizes its heavy forces shoot ing through your soundscapes atmosphere. Engineered by the brilliant combo of one half Requake the other a member from Orphans, plugs heavy bass inside the layers of sequenced percussion.  The deeper heavy hits perfectly complements the light taps of rawed percussion but coexists in the same gravitational pull that will leave you in a state of bass hypnotism.  Keep your hungry ears peeled for more from these brilliant minds.

kLL sMTH – “Serendipitous Travels EP”

Releasing the EP, “Serendipitous Travels,” on Simplify Records, kLL sMTH delivers fresh frequencies by journeying his sound-ship through galaxies of intergalactic glitch.  Dialing in cyber style, sMTH welcomes you into a reality where lazer beams beat rhythmic vibrations through a full bloom of heavy synths rooted in a bassful foundation.  Tasteful layers of electronic instrument melodies set in tune so perfectly they pave the way like stepping stones into an electrified dimension. So enjoy the next level listeners!

Delivering with funky feel properly, kLL manifests sensory awe by beginning with swing influenced vocal samples.  These soulful vocals will swing your feet into cadenced grooving, setting up for the flourishing flows of digitized sparkles scattering across the soundscapes sky like luminous celestial gems.  By focusing on the catchy vocals, sMTH constructs an awesome buildup toward the last quarter of the tune.  The breakdown crunches heavily with a tornado of hover craft rutters spinning and drilling until the track slowly winds down in its original style.

kLL sMTH & iONik’s melodic synth patterns form the spacy foundation.  Spinning turbines constantly sound through the glitchy atmosphere.  These flying object accents spiral through pyschedelic cyber effects setting the feel for a planetary discovery.  Notice how the great range of tempo change keeps the pace aurally engaging. Listen for the wide variety of deep to high pitched lasers bursting against springs spinning off into the atmosphere of yuh and digital grrrs.

If you haven’t been lifted enough by the hovercraft sputters, the bubbly yuh intro of this one will flutter you into the clouds and land you into a net of glitch hop  giggles, gurgles and grumbles.  This tune radiates a vibe so nostalgic I feel like I’m vibing off the speaker cabinets of Tipper’s LIB 2012 set.  sMTH, lighting the way, adds awesome twists consisting of glitched vocals that will keep your attention hooked.  Sounds of so much precision and rhythmic intricacy is meant to get you off your seat and flowing to the freestyle of your feet.  Make this your traveling tune because this track could fly you to the Opiuo moon.

KLL sMTH’s mad production skills are displayed through the perfect track name “Brain Drops,” which actually is my favorite track of the EP at the moment!  This beat carries so much rhythmic variety with heavy pulls and pushes of elastic sounds.  The yuhs wrap around rubbery drops layered through hyphy style vocal cuts.  Something noticeable in sMTH’s style are volume changes which lay down perfect set ups for wild techie melodies.  Emitting psychedelic vibes, this track pops properly for perfect dance floor rhythms.

The rainstick effected intro grabs the ear like a professional piercer.  Shooting you that adrenaline rush, KLL Smith keeps the excitement churning with insane buildups of chopped up vocals melting into metallic splatters of space time continuum.  The swooshes of swooping sub slaps perfectly accompany the high pitched beep accents.  Along those sounds you will hear layers of synths slicing stylefully in space crunk formation.  The waving rhythms though are smooth enough to give you that danceable beat.  This track will leave you ready for more glitchy hits.  Large ups to kLL sMTH for this fresh EP!

Content & Pheral – Dissonance

Warning!!!! This track “Dissonance” induces deadly addiction to bass-line.  If your head is screwed on the right way you will notice some necessary deep head ingredients.  Those are the distant harp plucks, hollowed drum taps, & tambourine shakes triggering the perfect pace for the entry of ground-shaking sounds. Following a couple finger clicks comes the initiation of hovering growls.  The dense variation of deep rhythms in this track effectively concocts the best of heady ingredients.  Cheers to Content & Pheral for this Massive treat!

KI HOON LEE – Undercover

Bang bang goes this man’s drum and bass game!  Ki Hoon Lee, the Korean don of DNB, fires away with 8-bit snares and jungle tech flares kicking against the rolls of deep, droning, monstrous bass.  This track has a license to kill with Lurka like drum kicks infused into heady, growling bites. This track drops infinite clips with countless notes of ingenious creativity.  Be ready because these dense strokes of sound will pump your ears with serious voltage.

!Click here for more of Ki Hoon Lee’s DNB!

Benton – Acute Studio Mix

Here’s some weight for the bass head’s crate.  Getting down on some heavy compiling for Acute Promotions Agency, Benton slays his musical catch through mixing in talent of Kryptic Minds, Sleeper, Biome, and Thelem. Damn!  That’s only to name a few of those contributing to the sounds of every depth of treble and hardcore bass.  Anyways if your ears are at all picky like mine you will keep this beat on repeat.  I dare you to download this one and drowned in the pool of buzzing LX One shocks & quaking bass shakes from the beast of Benton himself.  Enjoy the rudeboy frequency!

Lucky Paul – I’d Rather Go Blind

Dressing up the vibe in this original classic, New Zealand producer, Lucky Paul raises the bar of creativity.  Building his tracks with stylistic selection  on somethinksounds, Lucky Paul warms Etta’s heartache with rolling bass weaving in and out of her serenading vocals.  In honor of Etta’s life and her contributions to the music world this glitchy rework blends echoing instruments, reverbing percussion, and smooth guitar licks.    Big ups to Lucky Paul for reviving this timeless melody.

Quartz – No. 9

Tune your speakers with these tech-heavy treats.  Creating on the labels of Alignment and Diffrent, Quartz brings the weight with their serious ingredients of sound.   Stir No.9 into your day and experience their concoction of slurring lazers, whipping synths, & punching percussions.

Teknian – Isolation VIP

Get lost in deep space with Teknian’s VIP track Isolation.  Releasing Isolation on Martian Bass Records, Teknian has endowed us with a free download of this massive space kicker.  Teknian’s mad music magic will flood your ears with thick sounds of raw percussion, enticing female vocals, and jazzy drum set influences.   The crafty syncopated accents fused by the forces of solidifying bass slaps and slurs.  So turn all your knobs up to eleven because this rudeboy reverb will rule them subs.

Nico Luminous- Puddle Town

Feel your feet splash into the puddles of another brilliant soundscape of Nico Luminous.  Hear his glitch-crunk filled sounds wind and unwind with more flavor every second.   Enjoy Nico’s musical journey through cultural inspired melodies, sexy spacey sounds, and the attracting break-like vocals moving through the smooth gypsy remedies where lazer-licious basslines are bound to take over your senses.  Or if that doesn’t, Accordian arpeggios weaving through digital dubs definitely will.  Sink into “Puddle Town” and enjoy the Soul Whomp in this splashy slapper.  “Elevate Your Mind”  (painting above created by Milpz) to this track and get to your epic download here

RUF – No Stress Riddim

Clean your ears with this fresh tune of heavy, bass riddims.  Ruf shows his stuff with hard hitting, syncopated beats and rhythms.  His light lead in will lure you through wicked, dragging synths flooding into a womping, digital, wonderland of percussion.  Imagine the clouds emanating thunder bass shocks through your every sense while rolling you in its weight of heavy subbing .  The filthy synths are tuned to get any bass head caught in a speaker box.  Incase you feel the need to hear this track thrown in the mix, Sukh Knight drops it properly in Get Darker’s set (included below).

Cauze – Doomsday

Get your ears ready and tune into this tribal soundscape where the  call of wild birds will lead you along their flight for the preparation of the mad drop. Burn some sage as you cover yourself in your fuzziest bass blankets because nature’s music of the wild calls.  Cauze, with top notch production, slays another track with his growling, bass weight that slaps with the force of a fighting grizzly claws.   The drop transforms into constant, heavy, eccentric slurs mixed in with crawling, bass whirs.  Turn up your speakers and find your animalistic side for Cauze’s wicked, deep dubstep track on the proper prowl.  If you’re trying to hear this thrown in the mix, listen to Sukh Knight dropping it proper on Get Darker Tv #122.

Vapor Mache – Hokum

Get your funky two step on for Vapor Mache’s brilliant bass tune, “Hokum.”  This heavy glitch track emits digitalized catchy vocals backed by bumping basslines.  Turn up the volume and let the reverbing bass move your body to its bold beats.  Vapor’s eclectic style pulls from distinctive electronic genres such as Downtempo, Chillstep, Deep Dub, Bass Crunk, and Glitch Hop.   His next level drops will hook you every time, so anticipate tasty change-ups meant to reel in your intrigued attention.  Vapo Mache’s fresh grooves have been played at artsy events such as Lightning in a Bottle.  So stay on the look out to experience Mache’s rolling, crunk-dub rhythms.