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Catt Betwixt – “Check My Back”

Check My Back Artwork

Catt Bewtixt, also known as Sander van Donkelaar and Kevin Bastiaenen, are an electronic production duo out of The Netherlands. These two young guns hailing from Eindhoven, have been creating some tunes that should not be overlooked! The 15 and 16 year old producers are creating a very nice blend between hip hop, house, chillout, and dubstep. Their love for club music, as well as the recent trap boom has motivated them to create this type of music, and they’re doin it in a big way. The tune below titled “Check My Back” instantly had me hooked. There’s such nice low end in this trappy beat, as well as that strange vocal sample makes the tune feel nice and spacey. If you get down with this one, grab the FREE DOWNLOAD and check out the rest of their soundcloud!

Sergio Medes – Mas Que Nada (LAXX Remix)

When I first saw LAXX’s post on FB about this tune, I for some reason didn’t read the title of it. I just pressed play. When the sample first came in I was instantly hooked. LAXX has taken a Samba/Jazz classic and has made it truly club ready. There’s such great energy in the original tune, and the Oxford based DJ/Producer has accurately improved upon it. This tune is the first of his holiday giveaways so if you dig this one prepare yourself for more. He just posted it up a few hours ago, so get it while its hot!

Side note, the photo above is from LAXX and Farkas’ back to back set on Get Darker TV. Check it out here if you have an hour to spare, its a great set.

Biggin’ up LAXX as always, for more from him check his Facebook and Soundcloud.

Taiki & Nulight – Don’t Go Away

Jeez, it’s been way to long since I’ve last posted. Anyways, I just heard this tune for the first time about 5 minutes ago and had to stop what I was doing to post it. I always love hearing a new take on the 140 bpm tempo, not to say this is an absolutely NEW take on it, but it is different than the usual sounds. Taiki & Nulight have been experimenting with a lot of house sounds in their music lately, and I can’t say I’ve been in love with all of it, but this tune is just awesome in every aspect. They bring a very ambient sound, similar to Riskotheque and Marchmellow’s remix of Truth’s Don’t Explain – a very noteworthy tune if you haven’t heard it already. But along with this ambience they elevate the usual kind of swaying tempo of dubstep with their 4 to the floor drums, which in my mind is the reason this tune stood out to me so much. It really combines the feelings of classic, funk and jazz influenced, house music with the deeper sounds of dubstep. Check Don’t Go Away out below, no news on the release date, but the again it was only announced 12 hours ago on their soundcloud. Enjoy!

Killawatt – A New Direction

Killawatt powers up the voltage with dense drum patters draping over a mood of tribalistic – lush ambience.  Heavily solidified by the percussive soundscape, “A New Direction,” journeys through its foundation of rising and slowing tempos that melts those blissful sounds of instrumental echoes.  The warming bass background holds true to the heady atmosphere setting up so perfectly for those speaker tickling effects.  Definitely a production your ear drums should not miss.  Grab the Overflow EP here and reward your musical library with some prime cuts of Killawatt.

Support the artist and follow his Soundcloud here

R.A.D. – “Make It Funky”

Can’t believe this producer doesn’t have more people following his soundcloud. I don’t have any info on this artist, and can’t really find any on the web other than that they’re from the UK. Go follow them here if you feel inclined, and show support for this awesome musician. Check out this sick wobbly tune they just put out last month, what a nice pattern!

KSH – “Annihilate”

Skream and Benga just dropped this track annihilate tonight on BBC Radio 1. There’s clearly a reason why they selected it for their weekly show. This track is a huge 4×4 track that keeps a unique flavor (they can often sound the same). KSH a producer from the UK has created this massive tune keeping his unique style very present in the wobble patterns and the percussion. He also has recently released a free EP entitled the “Numbers EP” as a kind gesture to his fans which you can download here. This track is huge and I’m sure there is more to come from this guy.


Distance & Cyrus – “Titan”

This tune was posted up by Distance about half a year ago, it still hasn’t been released. If it is to come out, it will surely come out on his label Chestplate. Cool chuggy wobs over the driving Distance percussion are completed by the bass that you can hear from a DISTANCE. See what I did there? Ok enough, listen to the music.