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Kryptic Minds – Badman VIP

Apparently this stinkah has been around for a while, but this tune is Large. The only version you can find of this dubplate is the one below, with Youngsta talking over it. This one was too big not to post. Check it. Big up Kryptic Minds.

Randomer – “Stalker”

Coming at you HEAVY with this one. Randomer, the London based garage producer,  has created this song “Stalker” to get your bead bobbin’ and your feet stompin’. I honestly don’t even know how to categorize this track under a genre. Maybe…UK heavy garage house? Anyhow check out this deep, absolutely massive tune, brand new from Randomer.

Bryzergold & Benzmixer – “Face The Facts”

Big ups to the Orlando based producers, Bryzergold and Benzmixer. This tune really stuck out to me with its driving percussion and deep, dark wobbles. These guys definitely are coming out with some original stuff. Check their soundclouds for more dark, dissonant bangers.

Skream – Nefariousa (Scion AV)

 Here is a brand new video from Skream for his song Nefariousa, which is from the five track ep Skream & Benga released with Scion AV earlier in December.  Be prepared for an intense six minutes to take place before your eyes as soon as you click play.  Big ups to and Skream & Benga for entertaining the masses this month! FINISH OUT 2011 WITH A BANG MATE! THE WORLDS GONNA END NEXT YEAR!

“Drum Roll” – Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers released their EP Wheel & Deal Recordings about a month or so back. Both songs have a dark, heavy feel. But maintain a crisp sound by not overdoing the grimeyness – in my opinion the best way to do it. The Dozeman hit me up today asking me to drop him a .WAV of this tune, so I thought I would post it up. Check this tune out, and if you’re in the Miami (FL) area, watch Dozur spin it live at club Mekka tonight!

“Shanker” – Cessman

Here’s a nice tune from the Croydon producer Cessman. It reminds me of Jakes a bit with its weird harmony wobble. He labels all of his tunes under the genre “dubliminal”, which I think is a nice way of putting this deep, reggae influenced dubstep. I don’t know what it is about the dubstep that comes out of Croydon (maybe its because they haven’t lost sight of the reggae or garage roots), but a majority of what comes out of there is absolute fire. Check the tune out, and honestly check out more of his tunes on his soundcloud. He’s a really talented producer.. Big stuff. Big ups. BUH!

Minimal Mowdi Mundaze Presents : Khainz – Samba Loco


Minimal is a sub-genre of techno that is more focused on the more less complex sounds in electronic music, hence the term “less is more”

 To kick off the first Minimal Mowdi Mundaze I thought I’d start with the almighty Khainz. Simon Schwendener (Khainz), of Switzerland, started listening to electronic music in the early 90’s and making beats at the age of 14.  He began playing around with different sounds and ultimately created lighter, more chill beats that have become recognized as minimal. Its not ’till later on in his career that he started getting into the heavier side of minimal, with more aggressive bass lines that kick you in the throat and beats that just make you bob your head no matter what your doing. Anyways I leave you with this track that will blow your mind.  Turn those speakers up and enjoy the sounds of Khainz!

Headhunter – “Clone”

This ones a big one… big and deep. I don’t know too much about the artist, but they have been in the game for a minute it seems. This track is set to be released in 3 days on Blackbox Records, along side “Projector” another sick tune from Headhunter. Pumped to put this one in the cart… then straight to the decks.

Daega Sound – Dubstep Dj Mix [FREE DOWNLOAD]

I told you last month that we’d have more Daega Sound tunes coming soon so here we go again with another HUGE mix they just put up on SoundCloud a few hours ago.  I have been overly impressed with their tunes in 2011 and this new December mix is a prime example of creativity and passion they put into their music.  With 2012 right around the corner and an energy shift in the air I can only see more positivity and free form bass lines coming from these BC producers.  This mix will leave you in a medicated state after 30 minutes quickly passes by.


Zomby – Hexagons

1:20am…nobody in the hostel is awake…erie tunes are keeping me feeling irie!  This track is deep…I hope you feel it like I do.  TURN IT UP! And watch out…

Scion A/V Presents: Skream & Benga

Wooooo! Well if it isn’t the two dubstep dons at it again with a nice quick release for all to hear. This 5 track sampler is available for early free download currently at

I chose to share two of the five with you friends, because these two… they’re just amazing. First up is benga’s Electro West.

I have been waiting for this damn track to be released for quite a while now. Every time I see videos of Benga he’s dropped this, everytime i’ve seen him live he’s mixed it in, they even teased us with it in the magnetic man essential mix.  Now, finally its here and I honestly can’t wait to mix this one in myself.

Second Is Skream’s Phat Head. Skream never ceases to amaze me. The way he creates these loopy songs that instantaneously evoke motion is unlike anyone else. This ones definitely a head bobber and drops nicely with the fat Skream synths.

Kill The Noise “Dying” (Brown & Gammon Remix)

This stroke of genius just needs to be shared with you ganjaologites. Brown & Gammon should honestly be paying me for the promotion I do for him. But seriously this shit is amazing. His synth work is on a whole new level. So ravey but soo good at the same time. This ones a great remix, I definitely put the [J.Hanna] stamp on it.

Biome – “Propaganda” & “DMT”

Man, I really hope that this minimal, more sub driven stuff keeps coming. This ones deep, its got a nice groove, and has nice spacey wobs trickled throughout. Definitely gets me bobbing my head. Biome just released this EP on Osiris Records, which has been putting out some solid stuff. Check it, it was just released 3 days ago so go grab it at your nearest online music store. BUH!


Truth – “Full Baked”

This ones another deep dubstep tune that truth has conjured up. The ambience is a nice filler to this bouncy yet deep tune. The new zealand producers have some very nice sounds coming out and have released several EPs in the last month. Check their soundcloud for the rest of the tunes but definitely check this one!

Doshy – “Whoop”

This ones a big one. The Ganjaologist showed me a mix done by the Librarian a few weeks back and this song stuck out to me the most of all the tracks. Doshy, a german producer, has created such a unique sound in this tune with a dubstep feel yet its nothing like any other dubstep I’ve heard. It’s so spacey and minimal yet so huge at the same time. Check this one, you wont be disappointed.

Habstrakt – “Nasty EP”

I stumbled upon this producer as the ganjaologist and I were cruising through soundcloud. As soon as I heard one song I needed to hear the rest. We listened to the rest of his tracks on the page and every single one of them had an awesome sound to them. This EP in particular stood out to me because not only is each song amaazing but all of the tracks as a whole seem to really fit well together as an EP. Now I’m not gonna go off on a rant about this, but its too bad that the concept of an album is losing its spot it the music game. Anyhow if you have 10 bucks to spend, buy the EP (its cheaper if you’re buying mp3s). If you don’t, check out the tunes below. Very cool stuff. Big Ups to the french producer Habstrakt on this truly nasty EP.

Daega Sound – Let It All Go EP Preview

Daega Sound, what a sound!  These two Canadian dubstep proucers are on some next level shit with the spacey smooth bass lines and thunderous drums they are playing with on their upcoming Ep, Let It All Go, which is forthcoming on Echodub recordings.  We are all extremely excited for the release over here at so stay tuned for more to come on the EP.  Until it’s released, here is the 11 minute preview of it.

Stinkahbell – “Something In Your Eyes” (MistaJam VIP)


So, I was kicking it at the Benga showat the club Roxy here in Orlando, and the native homie Bryzergold was putting down a massive set as usual. He was dropping his usual swagged out, UK influenced, dub rollers and the place was getting down. As I sipped on few stellas I started finding myself slowly dancing more and more (could have been the alcohol or the great tunes). The set started to quiet down as he let the track run out. He mixed in this tune and as soon as the smooth “something in your eyes” dropped the place went nuts. With such nice melodies yet such heavy hitting bass you had to be crazy not to get down to such a tune. I’ve been getting more into Stinkahbell since then and the london based duo aredefinitely worth checking out. Out to Bryzer, out to Stinkahbell for the great track and out to MistaJam for a nice variance. Enjoy.

Teknian – “Isolation (VIP)”

I found this nice creepy VIP skimming through songs on soundcloud. Its got a this crazy spacey vibe and then in comes the minimal wobs that instantly made me bounce back and fourth while listening. Everything from the echoing vocal sample to the crisp high end of the 808 hats creates a scene that truly makes you feel isolated. Big up this swedish dub producer, gwan and check the chune.

Jakwob – Let It Fall

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything new from Jakwob, but 6 days ago he broke the silence on SoundCloud with his new single Let It Fall.  I dig this track a lot.  As usual, the bass is as low as it can go, and Jakwob hit us with some silky smooth vocals on top of the deep piece of art we call dubstep.  Let this be the song of the day, and stay positive!