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Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz – 420 FREE EP – 2015

Big up Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz!  The 420 Free EP is something every true dub head looks forward to.  This years EP features a heavy selection of some of todays top dubstep producers.  We always look forward to the next release from Dank ‘N Dirty Dubz.  Make sure you follow them on SoundCloud if you’re not already!

DubSide Select – 420 Special – BSide CLE

Ganjaology, DubSideSelect, Man Amen

#DubSideSelect kicks off at BSide in Cleveland this Monday 4/20. DJs Damian Lauderbach, Man Amen, J. Hanna will be mixing it up with some reggae hits, deeper dub and dancehall jams to keep the dance jumpin’. Plus, chat with Cleveland NORML and The Free Clinic about what’s being said about cannabis these days.


Stay tuned for more info about DubSide Select every Thursday in May!!

Callisto – Dulcimer Dubs EP – 4.20.15

Ganjaology has a special release coming up on April 20th! Callisto’s highly anticipated EP, Dulcimer Dubs, will be dropping at 4:20am on 4/20/15.  Featuring the title track, Dulcimer Dubs, Callisto’s second work, Dynamic Expressions,  and two remixes from Cleveland natives J. Hanna and Self Help, this ep is a great collection of world inspired electronic music.


Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz Presents : 4.20 Free EP 2014

4/20 is always a day of celebration marked far in advance on our calendar.  Following in tradition of the last couple years, US dubstep record label, Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz, will be adding yet another key piece to the 4/20 puzzle.  What else could you need besides a lighter, papers, and some high grade?  Music.  To celebrate the smokers holiday, Dank ‘N’ Dirty Dubz is going to release a free nineteen track EP that features music by artists such as Enigma Dubz, Caidance, Subtle Mind, and Blasta, just to name a few.  You get the idea… The sounds are deep!  Check out a little preview of what you’re going to be able to download on 4/20!

Bassdrop Music Presents : The 5th Annual – LIGHT IT UP! 4/20 celebration.

Attention all stoners, recreational smokers, medical marijuana smokers, and first timer fiyah blazers!   Everyones favorite herbal holiday, 4/20, is just around the corner.  As usual, one of Seattle’s most successful party groups, Bassdrop Music, is hosting their annual 4/20 party called LIGHT IT UP!  This year, the fiesta will be taking place at the ever so stylish ‘Within Sodo’ warehouse space and is featuring a great selection of marijuana product vendors, artists, musicians and there is also gonna be a local cannabis cup!

Highest THC, Highest CBD, Best All Around, Best Sativa & Best Indica

CONCENTRATES CATEGORIES (including Wax, Shatter, Oil, CO2 & Solvent-less Products, cartridge):
Highest THC, Highest CBD, Best All Around & Best Cartridge

Best Baked, Best Candy, Best Drink, Best Savory Snack (Dips, Spreads, Crackers, Chips, Etc), Highest THC & Highest CBD

Best All Around

Highest THC, Highest CBD & Best All Around

Best Water Pipe, Best Dab Rig & Best Dabber Utensil/Accessory

MOST CREATIVE PRODUCT – All entries have a chance to win this category!
Trophies will be awarded in each category! Enter for your chance to win!

To make the night just that much better, Bassdrop has teamed up with Culture Yard, Ganjaology, Say What?!, Stashbox, and Splash, to assist in rockin’ the party properly.

Here is a highlight of some of the music you’ll be hearing on the 19th!

Located @:
2916 Utah Ave S
Seattle, WA


4.20.2013 – A Ganjaman’s Holiday

We couldn’t ask to live in a more liberal area of the world when it comes to the acceptance of marijuana within our day to day society.  Seattle is known across the universe to be a leader in medical marijuana industry, and now a leader in the legalization of Marijuana and the casual consumption of the plant.  With that kind of reputation, it only makes sense that we would have some of the rowdiest  4/20  events ever seen, right?  Following a similar pattern to the previous couple years in Seattle, Bassdrop Music has booked an all star lineup of West coast artists to assist you in having the best 4/20 of your life.  Bassdrop has appropriately named the party LIGHT IT UP!, and turned this all night party into the official after party for the MMJ Cup which is, as you may have guessed, a competition who’s goal is to find the greatest MMJ coming out of Seattle.  This is serious business… Seriously FUN business.  Make sure to RSVP to both events and get your tickets early so you don’t miss out on this epic celebration of our lovely green goddess!



Artists that will be featured at LIGHT IT UP! are as follows…

A N-T E N-N A E 


S Y Z E   M A T T E R Z

(Dot Diggler, DJ Zara, & Blacklist) 

G L I T C H & S W A G G A

(FLY1N6M1K3 & DJ Welfed)


(Shiver & Hexidecibel)


(Shiver & Hexidecibel)


M A R K   S T A R R


K A T 1 L Y S T

S E A N   H O R T O N



B E R T & C H E W Y

S E A N   M A J O R S

A A R O N   S I M P S O N 


M C F U N K   B R O T H E R S


C H A R L I E   E O N

Yeah…that’s a LOT of artists…get ready!


1. The Artificial Emotion

by Papillon Philippe, Comte du Cray

There is a permanent fact engraved in the complex web of the homo sapiens’ psycho-physical wealth: emotion is the primary precursor of behavior, the primary decider of action.

Life is a moment to moment process that specializes in producing surprises after surprises. There is no way not to let events affect us. Emotions arise and drive our actions.

Sometimes, the event creates emotion that goes through our psychology prior to accessing our physiology. Sometimes, it works opposite: it hits the flesh before it hits the head.

In any case, we are presented with emotions that mysteriously stimulate us (or not) and that need to be processed by our system of being.

In order to be creative, we do not have a choice but to create a system that gets us to the emotion without going through the event; a system that gets us to a specific kind of emotion without going through a specific kind of event.

Once the “artificial emotion” is created and processed by both our psychology and physiology systems, we can get into gear, into action, into creation…

So, how do we create artificial emotions? First, we start with the thought process in order to create a thought; which could be a memory or something imagined. Then, we let that thought travel all the way to the emotion process, via the nerve, by means of numerous messengers called neurons that go back and forth.

The nerve is the connective route between our psychology and our physiology. It must be kept like a “state of the art” highway system so neurons can freely, fluidly take it and ride it at will.

Neuron transmission is the key to the creative process, because it allows the primary thought (the idea) to transform into an emotion (the reality).

Therefore, the nerve must be protected. So let us look at what is available here in America, as far as legal substances, to help us do that (those options will not include any pharmaceuticals, considering that their side effects are just too incalculable).

There are three compounds: alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.

Let us start with alcohol (we will not include here the wholesome, non synthetically “yeasted” red wine alcohol that stands as an exception when consumed in moderation; later in this essay, we will explore the specifics regarding this only source of natural alcohol the world possesses).

When alcohol enters our system, it helps us reach the specific kind of feeling we expect to experience as we prepare and create the original thought. A sense of calm and creativity starts to envelop us, which easily brings us to that emotion in question. But science has proved that alcohol damages our brain and the neurons in it. Our little messengers must be multiple and kept healthy (instead of being destroyed) so they can ride the nerve route in large numbers. Alcohol protects that same route by helping the neurons transmit their messages successfully (which gets us to the emotion from the thought) but it does it by eliminating those that have not started their trip yet, those that are still in the brain and not yet ready to leave it and venture out into the body via the nervous system.

The price to pay is just too high. Self destruction, even though it has been the mantra of some of the best of our past artists and pioneers, is to be avoided when it comes to learning the creative process. May be for the simple reason that it is year 13, a third millennium, and that our perception of things through science and other disciplines has changed. For instance, the concept of neuro-genesis (the reproduction of neurons, a notion that has only been accepted during the last 25 years), the opposite of the neuron destruction that alcohol is responsible for, has started to take hold within the society of scientists, savants and artists. We now know that our psychology and physiology systems possess receptors, including the nuclear one, that are sensitive to cannabinoids, the active compounds in cannabis. Besides, those same cannabinoids are, as we speak, being studied by scientists as potential precursors of that same neuro-genesis.

HAPPY $:20! I mean…4/20!

So it’s been one full year since the beginning of this great blog we call (‘cuz we only smoke those organic budzzz!).  We’ve had  a lot of strictly positive tunes comin’ into our lives which were then passed to you beautiful like-minded people worldwide through the grace of possibly the most influential technological advancement of our time, the internet.  From dubstep to glitch-hop, to minimal house, to roots and dub reggae, we strive to give you the best of the bass music that WE are listening to.  It might not be the newest music, or the most popular, you might have never heard of any of the artists on our page before, but it’s the music of 8 creative individuals lives, who are spread nationwide, and who all have the same desire to share some of the best (and definitely some of the spaciest) music being produced in our lifetime.  Thank you everyone who has shown support for Ganjaology.  We’re just getting started and have a lot more to share with the world!

Today is a very special day for all of us smokers out there.  It’s a day to honor the herbs.  It is officially 4/20/2012.  Is this the last 4/20 our world shall ever know? Let’s say yes to that question and party like the world’s going to end.  What I have for you here is my personal selection of some of the best tunes to light up and celebrate our green ganja goddess.  Enjoy the tunes, support the artists who are producing them, and support the blog that shares them.

Bless up and big up yourself!

-The Ganjaologist


KLRGRM – Royale

Such a clean, well-crafted production coming from Birmingham’s KLRGRM, this producer has MANY anthems under his belt and i highly recommend getting to know what he’s about. The second I heard this tune I had share it,  that sludgy synth KLRGRM is known for and those skull cracking beats are bound to make anybody with in listening distance start bobbing their head. 2012 is KLRGRM’s year.


Hailing from Mar Del Plata, Argentina, Adrian Espinosa, but better known as COLOR AMOR, is a growing and leading influence in his countries heavy bass music scene. and The Coventry Kids have been lucky enough to share some music, collaborate on a mixtape, and present you with an interview about the Argentinian bass fanatic.

I first learned of the young producer about a year ago after I came across his Slow Burning mixtape on SoundCloud.  This mix held a sound I was slightly familiar with, but also contained a lot of new mash-up qualities that came out as foreign sounds to my ears.  This music womped and kicked like dubstep, but kept a beat that sent memories of Latino clubs through my leg muscles.  I was instantly impressed.  This style of bass music is called cumbia bass or cumbiastep and incorporates hip-hop, heavy bass music, and cumbia, which originated  in the south Caribbean and in Columbia.

Cumbia began solely with African drums and shakers, but was later intertwined with European musical characteristics and instruments.  Cumbia is most popular in Columbia, The Caribbean, Argentina, and Chile, which is why Argentina is one of the driving forces behind the cumbia bass music scene today.  It was a brand new unique sound flowing through the air of my apartment.

I listened to Slow Burning frequently throughout the next few months while Color Amor was consistently adding new mixes to his SoundCloud page.  Over the past year he has had 10 releases and received over 12,000 combined plays on SoundCloud while maintaining a highly renowned reputation for his moving and unconventional graphic art and paintings.

I got in touch with Color Amor via email to reach out and bring the bass community of the America’s together and that is exactly what happened.  It took a little longer than anticipated, but we were able to get a short interview and a mixtape put together to share with the world.  We went back and forth about some ideas about the mix itself and also about album cover work and while I was at BassCoast Music Festival this past week Color Amor dropped the final artwork for the mix into my Inbox and uploaded the finished mix to Soundcloud. I am proud to present the first ever Color Amor interview by The Ganjaologist and the Color Amor 4:20 Mixtape Powered by and The Coventry Kids.  Here we go!


Me: Lets start off with having you tell me a little bit about yourself, where you are from, how old are you, what kind of music you grew up listening to, how you got started as a producer and DJing…basically the origins of Color Amor.


Color Amor: Hey! I’m Adrian Espinosa a.k.a. Waze.  Color Amor is my personal music project (bass music DJing and producing beats). I’m born and raised in Mar del Plata, Argentina and am 22 years old.  Ever since I was little I have been listening to hip-hop, reggae, and electronic music.  In the last few years I have began to listen to more and more dub, dubstep, trip-hop, but still keep on with hip-hop and reggae too.


Me:  How did the name Color Amor come to represent you?

Color Amor: Along with being a Dj and producer I am a graphic designer.  I love color! EL COLOR DEL AMOR(THE COLOR OF LOVE), de que color es el amor(what is the color of love)?  You tell me…haha.

Me: Who are some of the musical artists that have influenced your sound the most over the last few years?

Color Amor:  Manu Chao, Eek A Mouse, King Tubby, The Roots, Cypress Hill, Flying Lotus, Prefuse 73, Run DMC, KRSOne, Rusko, Modeselektor, Bjork, Daleduro, Die Antwoord, Jedi Mind Tricks, Marcianos Crew, and Army of Dub just to name a few…

Me: What was the first event you ever played/hosted?

Color Amor: The first dubstep and cumbiastep parties I was djing were called YOUKNOW parties.  They are still goingon. I perform at them to this day.  They have been extremely cool, good people!

Me: What was the first album you ever bought?

Color Amor: Haha, the first album I ever bought was Michael Jacksons (RIP) Dangerous.  This was when I was 8 years old too!

Me: Have you been able to tour around Argentina or outside of your country yet?

Color Amor: Unfortunately no.  I currently only play music in Argentina.  Plaves like Cordoba, Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Neuquen…these are all different provinces or states of Argentina.

Me: What was your first experience with dubstep?

Color Amor: My first dubstep exposure was in 2009 when I was watching Daleduro perform at a Chaav party.  Daleduro is a BIG influence for me.  He is a big artist and I had a chance to meet him.  He is an amazing guy and really professional.  It was a very inspirational moment.

Me: What is your favorite song you have produced? Why?

Color Amor: My favorite song I’ve produced is called “Nos Estan Matando” or “They Are Killing Us” (That is the literal translation).  This song holds a very real message and draws attention to an important issue at hand.

Me: So outside of music what does your life consist of?

Color Amor: Well, I am a graphic designer and graphic artist.  I love drawing, painting, and anything that allows me to work out my creativity.  That’s  how I spend my days!  I also love to paint graffiti.  You can check out my works of art here at .

Me: What are some of your goals for 2011? What can your fans expect from Color Amor in 2011?

Color Amor: I just hope to keep playing, learning, and improving.  My idea is to play music as much as possible, sticking with the bass music and hip hop that I love, and overcome challenges I face along the way!

Me: Speaking of bass music you love…can you give me your definition of Cumbiastep?

Color Amor: It’s like a combination of hip-hop, bass music (dubstep), shakers, and the tropical sounds of cumbia…or that’s how I read it haha.  It is mainly played in South America…Argentina, Chile, and Colombia specifically.

Me: Is the dubstep in Mar Del Plata still considered underground music or has the music made its way into more mainstream clubs?

Color Amor: The dubstep, cumbiastep, and cumbiabass are DEMASIADO!!!  That means TOO NEW!!! People are beginning to meet these styles of music now, but it is still very underground.

Me: What type of development do you think dubstep and cumbiastep need in Argentina?

Color Amor: For now I think the only thing that will have a huge effect is time.  People will become exposed to this new music and hopefully clubs will begin looking for the new styles.

Me: Anything else you want to say before we wrap this up?

Color Amor: Yes, Thank you for the interview and for having interest in my music! It was a pleasure recording the mixtape for Ganjaology and The Coventry Kids.  We will stay in touch, and to all my fans in the US, keep your eyes out for Color Amor in the USA!


-Adrian Espinosa aka Color Amor aka WAZE