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Nu Lonn Duke – Vs Dionysus [Album]

nu lonn duke pic

This 6 track EP comes straight to you from the San Diego based duo Nu Lonn Duke. Each track has its unique soundscape, all providing an individual vibe and ambience perfect for anytime of day.

These two producer/engineers have created an abstract EP that is not only easy to listen to but enjoyable and audibly intriguing. Stream the album below and download it for free!


Truth – Hollow World Album (Preview)

Attention sub stompers and low end listeners the Dubstep don’s by the name of Truth are getting ready to release their full length album entitled Hollow World. The 14 track album, filled through and through with their signature sound across the BPM spectrum, is set to release June 10th on Firepower Records and is sure to do numbers.

The two hailing from New Zealand are some of the most productive and consistent producers in all of bass music, and from the sounds of these previews, they haven’t held back a bit. They’ve collaborated with many different artists and have kept it fresh throughout this deep sub-bass experience by implementing the grimey sounds of Joker and the precisely rhythmic vocals of MC Flowdan to name a few.

Listen through to each of these tracks and take in fresh sounds these two talented guys have provided, and get set to grab it June 10th!

Skrillex – Recess (Album)

I was originally going to do a post on the tune with Chicago’s Chance The Rapper, but the more I listened, the more I realized that the whole album deserved a post. Skrillex really flexed his wide variety of production skills with this collection of songs. From the heavy songs with OG MC’s Ragga Twins, to the ravey club sounds of the Kill The Noize collaboration, Skrillex shows his expertise in EDM production. But it doesn’t stop there, he takes hip/hop and breaks references, there are influnces from garage and house, and then there’s the downright abstract production of Doompy Poomp.

The album goes from energetic peaks to deep melodic troughs. Its pretty clear that a lot of time was put into this album, and although it has an overtone of a Club-like vibe, Skrillex has provided a little bit for everyone. On his soundcloud the producer dedicates the album to “all the artists and fans that continue to support and propel this scene into amazing new places” showing his love for more than even just making the music but for the whole community of people contributing to electronic music. Some people may not like the heavier stuff, some people may not like the minimal stuff, but if you give this album a listen I guarantee you’ll find something that perks your ears up.

If you’re not into heavy Club or Electronic Music I’d steer you towards  – 3. Stranger, 5. Coast Is Clear, 8. Doompy Poomp, 9. Fuck That, and 11. Fire Away. If not, just check em all because from the production to the mixing to the mastering is all very well done. Biggup to Skrillex.

Support the artist and Buy the album on Beatport or iTunes


Darkstorm – Mind Like Water

Ganjaology, Darkstorm

Mellow hip hop, bordering on UK grime and at times darker, more sinister rhythms – Mind Like Water is a purely original piece of sonic art. From the depths of his being, Abdullah Al-wali aka Darkstorm of London, UK brings us this album brimming with soul and steeping with curiosity toward the darker side of life.

These are the frequencies from which we guard our sleeping children when we sing to them before sending them off into the dream time, where they otherwise might be haunted by the sights and sounds of Adam’s original wife, Lilith. But, as adults we relish in these sounds, that bring us to the edge of awareness…. To that strange place between sleep and dream. Our minds are strange in this way. And so is this music.

Al-wali is the co-founder of Bad Taste Records and also makes music under the alias Lean Low. Check out more from him here. And if you like the album, be sure to buy it direct via Bandcamp here.

DO$EMONEY Album Review

I had to really meditate on this album to even get on a level high enough to post about it. These trapped out philosiphers  have created a set of tracks that deliver you a dose of higher thinking in the utmost hood fashion. Trap Rap’s first boy band, consisting of Goldfacemoneywatch, Mondo the Moonrock, Kick Dose, Boy Bando and Believe, has created all of their media from scratch. From the intricate production, to the crisp engineering, to the next level lyrical content, Dose Money has birthed this unique album with their Dosed Trap flavor and done it all themselves.

Now, there’s a few different levels to this album. Beyond this perfectly imperfect trap sound, there’s an underlying theme to this group of tracks. This album’s aim is to bring a higher level of thinking in the form of trap music. In other words this album is meant dose all of East Cleveland in one fell swoop. Each of the songs stick close to the dose topic but talk about specifics like the necessity of having multiple cell phones, or moving weight in bulk in order get the best profit margin, topics that need to be properly discussed.The groups first single “Halloween” is all about ‘serving of the porch like its halloween’, one could say the group in this song is trapping a higher sense of existence. When teamed up with the dark, crisp visuals shot by Dose Money’s own Believe, the track is truly complete.

All of these tracks come together to form the groups carefully crafted debut album “DO$E”. I must warn you, before you click play, make sure to allow a solid amount of time to let this album set in and deliver you the intended mind opening experience.

Check out  DO$EMONEY’s debut single “Halloween” below and grab the whole album for free!

Roommate – Treasure Island LP

Your favorite rub-a-dub dub producer is back with another huge release! San Francisco dub doctor, Roommate will be delivering a heady selection of bubbly tunes burgeoning with life through Avocaudio Records on February 6th, 2013.

If you’ve been affected by the rainy season and you’re ready to kick back and enjoy an evening of tropical tunes and warm riddims, Roommate’s Treasure Island is a must grab. Until then, do what you can to stay warm and protect that booty!





Fog Dub Releases First Album – Vessel [Ganjaology Exclusive Interview!]

Bay Area Dub group, Fog Dub is moving the dance with their recently released album, Vessel. Featuring six musicians and a sound man, Fog Dub’s vision for contemporary dub music is exciting and original, while clearly crafted in the style of real roots dub.

For those that don’t know, the term ‘dub’ refers to a subgenre of reggae music surfacing in the 1960s. This started with the introduction of the technique called overdubbing in which already produced tracks were stripped down, paired off and fine tuned with the addition of electronic after effects to create a new set of sounds, aptly titled – DUB. Among the most well known original dub musicians are Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and King Tubby, both of whom were noted for their influence on the Fog Dub project.

Fog Dub features an incredible collective of musicians. With no shortage of brass, the band is fronted by foghorns Liz Larson (Aphrodesia) and Kelsey Howard (Groundation) on trombones, with Patrick Byers (Albino!) on baritone saxophone. The group is then anchored by a boss riddim section including Michael Bello (Albino!) on Bass, Chris Mulhauser (Aphrodesia) on guitar, and James Stafford (Steve Pile Band) on drums. Let’s not leave out the sound man responsible for all live effects, delays, echoes and overdubbing!

The album itself features two beautiful sets of sounds – the six original instrumental tracks, plus six dub versions which include after effects and some additional studio work. The originals are smooth and sexy, while deep and bellowing. In contrast, the dub tracks really bring the outer space flavor!

We had the distinct pleasure to meet with Pat Byers, leader of Fob Dub for an interview.

Check it out after hitting play!


GANJAOLOGY : This is Ganjaology and we are here with Pat Byers, band leader of Fog Dub – San Francisco based dub group. Pat, why don’t you tell us a little about the group.

FOG DUB : Well, we’re six musicians based mostly out of San Francisco and Oakland. It’s kind of an old family collective of a bunch of people that were really close to me. We wanted to start a band and do something that was a little different. You know reggae is huge these days and everything else and with what’s happening right now with the resurgence of dub in the zombie form of dubstep… A good friend of mine, Elizabeth Larson (one of the trombonists) and I are really long time fans of dub and We were like… “sweet, let’s put this together and make it happen.”

Through a couple years of evolution, member changes, composition and recording and everything, we got ourselves a really good group of people that understand the music and the tradition of the roots dub… not the modern dance music, but the original bass music from Jamaica in the ’70s.

GANJAOLOGY : What kind of instruments are you using?

FOG DUB : We are fronted by two trombones, and then I play baritone saxophone and auxiliary instruments – melodica, guitar and what not. And then it’s guitar, bass and drums. And then we have a sound man that is kinda the seventh member of the band and he is responsible for all of the effects, the delays and reverb and what not that you would hear on an actual dub recording… he does that all live, running a soundboard. He’s got pedals and different delays that he’s working. So the producer after effects which makes it what it is and not just instrumental reggae is being executed live!

GANJAOLOGY : You guys just released an album, Let’s hear a little about that and the process.

FOG DUB : Yes, Vessel. It’s kind of a double EP. The idea was to get something down on tape quickly and get it out to the world and we did that. We wrote six songs, learned them really quickly, but throughout that process, we started going through the editing and I just heard it being dubbed out more. And so with Robin Livingston, a good producer friend of mine, he and I kinda attacked it and made remixes, dubs, of every track. It’s kinda like a two sided CD. You listen to the first half and its all the original songs, the horn lines in full, and the musicians playing as they played in the studio that day and the second half is the dub, the darkness and the effects… and the surreal outerspace-ness that people come to expect. It sounds much more modern in some ways, because of the effects and some of the delays we use are modern. So you know it’s like the balance… The yin and yang of dub and instrumental reggae.

GANJAOLOGY : Cool, you guys are well on your way. What can we expect from Fog Dub this coming year?

FOG DUB: Yes, the album just got finished, we did a couple CD release shows and now we’re revamping and putting together some new music. We want to get back in the studio to record a couple singles, We’ve got a single that’s about ready to come out right now, that’s not on the album. And then the booking… the booking is starting to roll in. And ya there’s gonna be a lot coming up in the future so stay tuned!

Big thanks to Pat for the interview and much love to Fog Dub for seductive sounds.


Ganja Blocks

Keyboard Kid – #Rare Drops From The Sun

Keyboard Kid, the North West #BASED producer from Seattle, has just dropped a 34 track album entitled #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN through his BandCamp page.  It features nothing but the finest of blessed beats fit for all those living in Based World.  Get your copy!  You won’t be able to find this forever.  If you’re in the NW region of the US you will be able to catch Keyboard Kid next Saturday, performing live at HOLIDANK, a Ganjaology & Kum Curek celebration of the recent ganja legalization and the fact the the world did not end.  Other artists who will be playing with Keyboard Kid are Dash EXP, Lisa Dank, OC Notes, and The Ganjaologist.  This is not an event to miss!  Now enjoy the sounds of #RARE DROPS FROM THE SUN.

Keyboard Kid on Facebook

Keyboard Kid on SoundCloud

Keyboard Kid BandCamp


Positive Flow – Flow Lines LP

UK-based multi-instrumentalist producer Jesse Reuben Wilson has blessed us this year with his first ever full length album, recently released through Tokyo Dawn Records. Adopting the name Positive Flow as the moniker for this project, Wilson uses the Flow Lines album to positively project a stellar vision into the culture vortex that is music.

Gathering influences from funk, soul, hip hop, and electronica Flow Lines offers fifteen tracks packed full of sounds. Including a multitude of both analogue and digital synthesizers, plenty of full bodied live instruments and an extraordinary collection of vocals from fellow UK recording artists, Flow Lines is a multifaceted journey through sound. Joining him on the album are UK soul legend Omar along with Stacy Epps, Colonel Red, Vanessa Freeman, Andre Espeut, and Heidi Vogel of the Cinematic Orchestra to name a few.

After listening to this album, you will surely know the mastery and creativity with which this man creates. If you are interested, we invite you to check out his bio directly from Tokyo Dawn Records here. Purchasing options are listed below.

Enjoy Positive Flow!


Tokyo Dawn Records is currently hosting a remix contest for one of the tracks from the album featuring vocals by Omar. Download the Acapella below and create your own beat. There are 24 days left to submit your tracks to TDR.





Photek – KU:PALM

DnB pioneer, Photek is back in action with his first album released in over 10 years! After a brief escape into other musical realities, Photek resurfaced on the dance scene in 2011 with his release of the Avalanche EP, shortly followed by the Aviator EP. With a grammy nomination in 2012 for his Daft Punk remix on the TRON soundtrack, Photek has set the stage for his smashing new album…


Intelligent and dynamic, KU:PALM is a fine blend of old and new. The album focuses more on sonic frequency and fluidity than genre specific  pattern building. Each track can be connected to the last, creating a well written, interwined album. Though each song stands alone, the album offers a comforting cohesiveness. Blending elegant sound aesthetics with high level composition, KU:PALM leads us on a sonic journey through space and time.

Known best for his futuristic drum and bass sounds of the early to late 90s, UK born Rupert Parkes aka Photek has been at this a long time. Since his inception into the global dance scene in 1992, Photek has produced an impressive array of music including DnB, downtempo, deep house and experimental. Some labels with whom he has worked include Tectonic, Rudeboy, Virgin, Sanctuary, and DnB legend Goldie’s Metalheadz label; along with his own Photek Productions. Now after 20 years in the scene, Photek has revamped and reenergized to bring us an album that is as pleasing to the soul as it is to the ears. This is KU:PALM.

We’ve listed a few tracks to give you a taste of what can be expected from this album, along with Photek’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.

To purchase KU:PALM, use one of the links below…



You may also lend support by following via Facebook and Soundcloud.

Ableminds – Faces Album

If any of you Ganjaology goers, are into Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, or Electronic, you should check these guys out. The Denver based Electronic trio go by Ableminds. They take the very over saturated electronic world and put a bit of an organic flavor to the mix. With Guitarist Jordan Linit and Bassist Charlie Mertens on the production side combined with the raw sounds of Drummer Greg Horn, the three create a very unique sound that will appeal to many. I wanted to show you guys three songs off of their debut full length album.

The first one is called “September 2nd”. If some one asked me what that day fealt like, I would tell them to listen to this song. The funky guitar riffs mixed with the arpeggiating synth get me honestly. If you take those two and mix in a groovy electronic drum pattern and an emotional melody, well… you would get this song.

The name is spot on for the second song as well. The track entitled “6 In The Morning” truly puts me at time period in my head. Its soothing enough to be an early morning song, as in playing this song on your morning commute, or playing it at 6AM after a crazy night of partying. Either way seems to work nicely in my head. Try it out. I bet you’ll dig it.

Lastly, is a more Hip-Hop based electronic track “Let It All Go”. It combines the flows of LA based rapper Deploi and the beatiful sampling of these Ableminds. Such nice vibes on this track, with a very organic approach to glitch hop.

Loving these sounds, I can’t wait to hear more.

The Real Charlie P

I have just come across two of the most moving songs produced in the Year Of The Dragon thus far, by none other than Atlanta, Georgia’s, Charlie P.  Charlie P is no stranger to my sound system and has always been an artist that stood out to me due to his unique style that is a beautiful mash up of smooth sexy melodies and gut shaking bass lines that leave you in a medicated, trance like, state.  His track Time To Go was the first song I ever heard from Charlie P.  After that I was addicted.  Luckily Atlanta’s bass boss had well over 15 releases through his BandCamp for me to dive into.  These two tracks you’re going to listen to are from Charlie P’s upcoming album Rushing Back which is being released under his label, Abstract Logic Recordings.  SEXY BASS IS WHAT WE WANT THIS YEAR.  And that’s exactly what we’re getting.  Enjoy these tunes and keep watch for Charlie P’S new album coming soon! 

Jakwob – “Feeling The Desire”

Jakwob just posted up his new mixtape entitled The Prize on Soundcloud. All 10 tracks have the melodic feel that is consistent to most Jakwob’s tunes. This one stuck out to me because of its low key, melodic, groovy feel. The weird woosh sound that is layered over the kick gives the song a different feel as well. Honestly you should check out the mixtape here if you have an extended amount of time. But if you’re just popping in for a listen check out Feeling The Desire.

Amon Tobin – ISAM

This is Amon Tobin’s 9th album.  The whole thing is up on SoundCloud and presented as one long mix.  This glitchy, crunchy, ambient, funky, heavily synthesized, electronic composition is absolutely beautiful.  Take 50 minutes out of your day and give this a good listen. Click HERE to buy it.