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The Aliens – Enough Said (Megalodon VIP)


Megalodon goin’ in on this VIP! this tune is the meaning of massive, massive enough for a rewind or two! Crushing percussion and deafening chugs… just what I like. The Aliens already killed it on the original but fuck it, let’s give it a double tap. BIG UP THE MEGALODON BIG UP THE ALIENS



There are many reasons to look forward to Halloween.  Candy, girls in the sexiest of costumes, costume parties, you get to decorate your house like a zombie mansion…the list goes on.  My favorite thing about Halloween deals with music, and that would be all the amazing mixes that are released along side the great American holiday.  The most noteworthy mix I have come across this year is Figures Monster Mix, which is Mad Decent World Wide Radio’s 71st edition of the show.  This mix is absolutely devastating!!! In Figures own words…

“From the dark and creepy depths of my hard drive I’ve sown together a mix of heavy originals and unreleased edits just in time for a Mad Decent Halloween podcast.” ~Figure

Here is the tracklist.  Happy Halloween and I hope you get extra wicked with this mix!

1. Specimen A – Jaws
2  Figure – Michael Myers Is Dead
3  Figure – Boogie Man (Oblivion Remix)
4  HavocNdeeD  – Headspin (King Remix)
5  Figure – Mr Hyde
6  Figure – Werewolf (VIP)
7  Figure – Beetle Juice
8  Excision and Downlink – Existence (VIP)
9  Figure – LeatherFace
10 Figure – Vampires
11  Kanji Kinetic – Zombies
12  Figure – This Is Hallowen
13  Urban Assault – Halloween
14  GrimeHouse -The  Exorcist
15  Figure – Aliens (VIP)
16  Phaze – Doomsday
17 Tommy Lee and Figure – Pounds of Blood
18  Fast Foot feat Mc Cyanide – You’re Dead (Figure Drumstep remix)
19 Figure – Boogie Man


*Hidden Track  Misfits – Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)


Mochipet – Spacezilla

So a few weeks ago we threw up the the Udachi remix of For when the world ends, one of the tracks off Mochipet’s new LP, Spacezilla.  I just bought the new LP and holy shit…it’s amazing.  The album art is perfect for the name of the album.  Spacezilla just sums up everything about this release in one word.  Mochipet comes with some crazy new sounds on this LP.  The synths in the Spacezilla  track really hit my ears in the proper manner the first time I heard it.  It’s spacey, it makes me think of monsters, the bass rattles my lungs and makes breathing difficult. Yes, it’s Spacezilla.