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The Trailer TV #16 – Alphabets Heaven, Circle Traps, Stanky

Ganjaology, Trailer TV

Do you ever feel like the tunes you want to hear just aren’t being played at any clubs in your area? Tired of wishing you were living in London so that you can really get down to the fascinating sounds of the UK bass culture!? Well now is your opportunity to tune in from your home, car or mobile device. No need for expensive flights, long layovers or mind bending jet lag. All you need is an internet connection… and the super special link below!

Tune in tomorrow for a special online radio feature presentation of some of the sexiest music being offered this side of Neptune. Our friends at The Trailer TV will be hosting an awesome lineup of DJs and live audio production engineers which will send their sounds out over the inter-frequencies, just for your ears.

We’ll hear performances from Alphabets Heaven (King Deluxe, Cleaning Tapes), Circle Traps LIVE (Five Easy Pieces), Stanky LIVE (Shades), and the Trailer TV resident R: Phodee. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to listen live to some of the most progressive electronic bass music available right now.

It goes down tomorrow, Thur Nov 14, 2013 3:30-7:00 EST

…that’s 12:30-4:00 for all you West Coasters!

More info about the event, the lineup, and the organizers of TTV here.

Here’s the link to listen: TUNE IN!

Ganjaology, Alphabets Heaven, Circle Traps, Stanky, The Trailer TV

In case you miss it, the broadcast will be recorded and posted here. Plus check in for past shows that have already aired. Most recently they had DJ Rashad!


Alphabets Heaven – Siamese Burn EP

Ganjaology, Alphabet's Heaven

Tune in for some fascinating frequencies from our friend Alphabets Heaven. These beats are freshy fleshy, with a splash of fancy, flashy; and a fair amount of feeling. We got it for the low… here.

Bass Coast – A Marketplace of Imagination [2013 Festival Recap]

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

The first weekend of this beautiful sun soaked month, the Ganjaology team made our way up to Merritt, BC – the new home of BC’s boutique music festival – Bass Coast. In prior years, the event has been held on native land in Squamish just North of Vancouver. As the event was growing, it became apparent after last year that it was time for a larger, more scaleable venue. With their eyes glistening, and their hearts open, organizers Andrea Graham and Liz Thomson – better known as the Bass Coast Girls – set out to find Bass Coast a new home. When they found themselves nestled in the hills beside the Coldwater River in Merrit BC, they knew that they had struck gold.

River Pano

It is here in Merrit that all the magic happened. With more than a handful of world class music acts, several various types of workshops, a feast of food, the headiest of art vendors and installations, and the freshest of fashion – Bass Coast was a marketplace of imagination.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Three massive stages housed the music acts, each equipped with enough sound to curl your hair. Maybe being around all this bass is what gives The Librarian those tight bouncy curls which she playfully threw around during her set on the Bassment Stage. The backdrop for the Bassment was an awesome array or hexagonal shapes, which when illuminated created an incredible display of geometric intricacies. Other acts to perform on the stage include Machinedrum, Daega Sound, Evy Jane, Justin Martin, Calamalka, Self Evident, Taal Mala, Goth Trad, Lorne B, Grenier, Luciterra and Chris Murdoch, Dark Sky, Sanctums, Natasha Kmeto, and Jets.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Across the way from the Bassment was the infamous Radio Stage which was home to the morning radio show each day. In the evening, the frequencies intensified, allowing for darker, deeper energies to surface. Home to Mat The Alien, Om Unit, Max Ulis, Neighbour, and DJ Cure to name a few, the Radio Stage held space for some of the most radical of music acts. Others to perform on this pulchritudinous platform include Funk Hunters, Barisone, Little Dinosaur, Kir Mokem, Erica Dee, The Fungineers, Adam Shaikh, Willisist, Desert Dwellers, Westerly, Sweet Anomaly, Tor, Paul Brooks, JPod, Humans, Longwalkshortdock, Nautilus, Jimmy Edgar, and Spilt Milk.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Finally, one of my personal favorite stages, was the Slay Bay. Nestled in the trees by the calm flowing river, Slay Bay provided a respite from the high energy, sun soaked spirit of the other stages. Standout acts included Michael Red and Random Rab, with their monday morning close out sets. Other highlights from this zone include the Lighta! Reggae Jam, Philth kids, Alphabets Heaven, Dan Solo, Wax Romeo, Mama Miche, HxDB, Woodhead, Isis Graham, Tank Gyal and Mandai, JF Killah, and Ryan Wells.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

When we weren’t raging near the subs, snuggled in a hammock, cooling off in the water, or simply listening… One might find us at the smaller, alternative stages which hosted an incredible array of music and workshops. The Bigger Brain and Alter Stages housed these more intimate gatherings. While enjoying yoga, meditation and breathing, or delving into the magical world of alchemy and spice – whether transfixed by the science of Mantra, engaged in contact improvisation dance, jumping in on the freestyle cypher, or twirling yourself with Sacred Circus – these spaces held fast for participants to… Well yes, to participate. Big up to Michael Red and Gabriel Soloman of Chambers and Ydna Murd, the 8 limbed DnB drummer for turning my world inside out from deep within the Bigger Brain.

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

All in all, I must say… Bass Coast was bigger, badder and busier than ever this year. I simply loved it. From the music and art to the workshops and water sports, Bass Coast participants had their hands and hearts full of enlivening experience to create a wonder filled weekend. We look forward to another rendezvous in the forest this time again next year. Until then, we will be buzzing, building and abounding with positivity… basically bursting at the seems with anticipation for the next installment by the Bass Coast Girls. Big thanks to all that had a hand in the creation of this simply stunning event.

Bravo y’all. Much love and appreciation…

Your Friend,

Mickey Mars

PS. Big Thanks to Cody Puckett for all of the spectacular photos seen here.

More from Cody at his website!

Be sure to check back for the Bass Coast Residual Frequencies Interview Series here at Ganjaology… Stay tuned!

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 1

Bamboo Shelter

CP 10

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

CP 11

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

Bass Coast, Ganjaology

Cody Puckett, Ganjaology, Bass Coast

More info about the Bass Coast Project here:


Alphabets Heaven – Boosh EP

I love the name of this EP. A friend of mine has the word BOOSH tattooed on the inside of her lip, and until now she’s the only one I really know to use the word. It’s not surprising that Brighton based producer Alphabets Heaven is coming with some rare words to describe the rare sounds on the this expressive EP, released just last month with King Deluxe.  Organic and original, the EP is a mind bender. Enjoy!

This short film from King Deluxe fits nicely with the blossoming frequencies manifested in the music of Alphabets Heaven.


Grab the full EP here.