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Koreless – MTI (Taiki & Nulight Bootleg)

I’ve been following the english duo Taiki & Nulight for some time now. Ever since their more prominant dubstep days, they’ve been making awesome music full of wonderful sounds all tied together with clean production. These days the two have been producing more house style music and this tune below is brand spankin’ new from them! The best part is they’ve been kind enough to give it out for free!! Check out the tune and grab it if you’re feelin it!

Big ups to Taiki & Nulight!

Disclosure – “You & Me” (Flume Remix)

Well… This track has been out for 13 hours and it already has almost 200,000 plays on sound cloud. If that doesn’t tell you that this song is a tune, just listen for yourself. Flume aka Harley Streten, is a 21 year old DJ and Producer from Sydney, Australia. He’s definitely got some skill on the production end. I have yet to hear a mix from him but with this type of audio talent I’m sure he can spin a few tunes. This one is unique, it’s production is clean, and the vibes on it are sick! Check this one below if you’ve got a second.

Soap Dodgers – “Ill Minded”

Lovin’ this one lately, which makes it that much harder to wait for the release. As for now I can’t find a date on this banger, but as soon as it is announced I’ll be sure to update the post. The strings in the beginning are so dark but the melody is so pleasing to the ear, honestly it’s my favorite part of the song. It’s too bad we have to wait for such a great one, but for now check the English duo’s tune “Ill Minded”, it’s a BIG WAN.

KSH – “Annihilate”

Skream and Benga just dropped this track annihilate tonight on BBC Radio 1. There’s clearly a reason why they selected it for their weekly show. This track is a huge 4×4 track that keeps a unique flavor (they can often sound the same). KSH a producer from the UK has created this massive tune keeping his unique style very present in the wobble patterns and the percussion. He also has recently released a free EP entitled the “Numbers EP” as a kind gesture to his fans which you can download here. This track is huge and I’m sure there is more to come from this guy.


Taiki & Nulight – “Bad Habbit”

These guys are sick. I first heard them about six months ago when Dream tweeted about their free EP that they had released. Their track “Defate” first introduced me to their signature heavy sound. Then while watching an episode of Get Darker TV I watched them spin a very energetic, fun, heavy set and I was instantly hooked. Their track “Bad Habbit” is set to release of off Benga’s new label cleverly named Benga Beats, and its a big one. Bad Habbit has been smashing dance floors and and booming over the english radio, now it’s ready to bless the public! Check out this tune:

go grab their new EP on subway:


Surge – Leech/Swaying Mantis Release

Coming up in just 3 days from now, Wheel and Deal Records is set to release a massive EP. However this is not your everyday release. No, this is an EP that has a very unique feel to it. Surge, hailing from the Dubstep mecha of Croydon, has (as he puts it) ‘built’ a very interesting sound to say the least. Both tracks are great tracks and have the same style in the way the synths move, even down to the frequency content of the synths. The track that really got me hooked though was “Leech”. That tune is simply mesmerizing, with the beautiful female vocals sung by Pyxis, and its melodic yet heavy bass to go along with it. I couldn’t stop listening, once I heard it. There doesn’t seem to be too much out there by surge, and I’m curious to see where his dubstep career pans out. If N-Type is backing him… I’d guess that he’s going to do well. Big ups to Surge on this special EP! Check it!

Soap Dodgers “Rachel Went South/Belly” Release

Such a clean sound coming from these UK cats. This EP, which was just released on Wheel and Deal Records last night, has such a crisp and full sound to it. Both tracks which instantly make me want to dance, are definitely set for the club. Everything I’ve heard from the duo I’ve like so far, I’m interested to see where they go from here… expect big things. Check it!

“Drum Roll” – Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers released their EP Wheel & Deal Recordings about a month or so back. Both songs have a dark, heavy feel. But maintain a crisp sound by not overdoing the grimeyness – in my opinion the best way to do it. The Dozeman hit me up today asking me to drop him a .WAV of this tune, so I thought I would post it up. Check this tune out, and if you’re in the Miami (FL) area, watch Dozur spin it live at club Mekka tonight!

Kill The Noise “Dying” (Brown & Gammon Remix)

This stroke of genius just needs to be shared with you ganjaologites. Brown & Gammon should honestly be paying me for the promotion I do for him. But seriously this shit is amazing. His synth work is on a whole new level. So ravey but soo good at the same time. This ones a great remix, I definitely put the [J.Hanna] stamp on it.

Dismantle – “Computation”

Ok so, this post is long over due. The song was released in september, on this Brighton producers two track EP. He has a very unique sound with his ravey synths and four to the floor beats. Its about as housey as dubstep gets, but its still has a somewhat heavy feel. This tune hits so hard in a club, its one of those songs that you’ll hear it drop and not even realize you’re moving. So if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor check out Dismantle’s amazing tune “Computation”. While you’re at it, big up yourself!

Brown and Gammon – “Blow My Mind”

So I had heard this tune while jealously watching a video of the 2011 Outlook festival. This one is an absolute smasher. Brown and Gammon keeps progressing his music further and further and comes up with these crazy different sounding wubs that maintain his unique style as well as bringing new flavor each time. The second I heard this I had to spread this amongst the rest of you bass heads. Anywho, give it a listen!