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Max Powa ft. Prince Alla & Seanie T – ‘Great Stone’ (Truth Remix)

Max Powa, Prince Alla, and Seanie T came out with an incredible song entitled Great Stone this past summer via Powa Cuts.  With the song already having a very rootsy, minimal, dubstep feel to it, I thought it would only be a matter of time before some remixes would pop up.  Sure enough, a few months later, Truth got a hold of the record and took the production to a whole new level with their epically deep and dark remix.  This was available on vinyl for a short amount of time, consider yourself lucky if you can still find it!   Enjoy this massive remix from Truth and an incredible original from Max Powa, Prince Alla, and Seanie T.


Eskmo : FM4 Studio Mix


This is a short mix Eskmo did at his first stop of his EU tour in Graz, Austria, for the Springfestival.  I was excited to hear this new mix, but it has a totally different feel than I was expecting.  I was prepared for some heavy brain crunching, glitchy, and spaced out sounds that I associate Eskmo with.  Instead what he did was a smooth relaxed mix that flows like a leaf floating down a gentle stream.  This mix was inspired by a soft mist coming down on the city of Graz right before Eskmo was due to play his DJ set.  This a nice change up from a lot of the mixes I have heard from him in the past.  Relax with some nice indica for this mix!