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‘Red Forest’ – Callisto – [Free Download]


Here is a brand new track from Callisto called ‘Red Forest’, which embraces the energy of Autumn.  The lo-fi vibe is strong on this track!  From the thick low end, to the menacing koto sample, all the way to the gritty high hats, this tune rides.  Enjoy the sounds of ‘Red Forest’ and make sure you check out more of Callisto’s music on SoundCloud.


Knxwledge – Kauliflowr

Ganjaology, Kauliflowr

This album dropped this autumn, and it’s come like a leaf that is whisked by your face as you walk. It takes you by surprise at first as it’s delivered with a slight briskness which makes your nose tingle. Though the broken beats and shuffled nature of this musical gem at first seem startling, if you turn your head just slightly, your ears will know exactly where the one is; just like the way you turned your head to follow as the leaf gently floated to the ground. Once it’s touched down, it’s time to return your focus to what you were doing before the wind again alights within you the need to turn another leaf.

LA beat maker Glen Boothe (aka Knxwledge or Knx.) spins magic with this release. The 18 tune LP was dropped digitally and on wax earlier this fall with Dublin label All City Records. Get it direct… here.

DJ Sliink X DJ Fresh Direct – MURDER

OUT IN THE STREETS… THEY CALL IT MUUUUURDEEEER!!!  I can’t say I’ve heard a hotter track so far this Fall.  Big ups DJ Sliink and DJ Fresh Direct!

Decompressed Mix By: Da Moth

Fall is definitely here.  Festival season is pretty much over (with a few exceptions still) and everyone is in this very calm decompression mode.  With winter right around the corner you’ve only got a few weeks of decent fall weather left to properly party outside (unless you’re Canadian).  Da Moth recorded this mix at the LA decompression to finalize the vibes that were captured and spread around the festival scene this summer.   Every single track on here is stellar!  I think you’ll easily let this mix play through the full hour and a half.  LISTEN!