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It’s A Ganjaman’s Holiday… Happy 420 . 2013!

I’m sure Obama is even celebrating with us today…

Happy Holidaze!

Here are some tunes for you to burn to all day day.

Banditz and Self Help – Spine Waves EP

It is with much pleasure that I proudly announce the release of Ganjaology’s first EP, entitled…

Spine Waves EP

Featuring Ohio’s own dance floor killa – DJ Self Help – along with Orlando’s hottest young dubstep duo – Banditz – this release is sure to put some energy in your spine. Transcending genre labels, the Spine Waves EP is a unique blend of beautifully crafted electronica and bass. The project involved the development of two songs from both production teams which were then traded and remixed. This exciting platform for creation has resulted in a release that is fresh, fun and full of energy. Banditz bring the heavier, bass driven, break your back energy; while Self Help brings the lighter, uplifting, bounce ‘tuh dis vibe. Together the Spine Waves EP is a testament to the magnificent power of co-creation.

The six track EP is available for digital download from the Ganjaology Bandcamp, here. All the funds will be put back into the Ganjaology Project so that we can continue providing you with the best music we can get our hands on. Please help us to do what we love most, creating a platform for CREATIVITY, POSITIVITY, and BASS MUSIC. We appreciate the support!

And now… SPINE WAVE!

PS. When I listen to this album, I get the sense that there is electricity literally flowing through my spine. My face swells, my hands tingle, and my feet get numb. If you’ve had a similar experience with this or any other music, you might be experiencing what is called Kundalini energy. It is the energy that flows up your spine from your base or root chakra. Often this is the sensation we get when something “vibes” with us. If you think you feel me, do some research. Tap into that power. It lives within all of us. Open the door. Expand your mind. Experience Spine Waves.

Banditz – Infestation

Once upon a time there was a little bug named Alfred.  Now…there are lots of little bugs in this world. Some of them are kind and caring bugs that like to frolic in the sunny puddles of love, others are less forgiving and can be seen playing without care in the poo of larger life forms in various parts of the world.  Alfred didn’t fit into either of these categories…or any category in direct relation to what I just mentioned.  Alfred was a different breed of bug.  He traveled in a pack…came out in the dead of the night…attacked…and infested.  Alfred was a bed bug and he lived for Infestation.  TO BE CONTINUED…

 Enjoy the preview of the new Banditz tune.

Banditz Dubstep – UNBEARABLE

Okay so Dozur from Bandits Dubstep is my roomate, and I have heard this song about a million times, still I havent gotten tired of it. The dubstep these two dudes make is out of this world! They are ready to take over the scene, the question is, are you ready for them? Turn the volume up and be ready to get blown away by these two VERY talented producers.

Don’t forget to check out their Soundcloud HERE!

Banditz – Stingz

Don’t be sleepin’ on Banditz now!  Representing Ganjaology from Orlando, Florida, J Hanna and Dozur are back at the bass again, this time, bringing you a preview for their upcoming track Stingz.  This track is filthy.  Pure filth. That’s it.  BUMP THIS ONE! And stay tuned.

Self Help – Cape Cassandra (Banditz Remix)

Banditz are on a roll this year!  With inspiration drawn from just about every aspect of life, Dozur and J Hanna have brought another beautifully crafted piece of art for your ears.  This time, it’s a remix they have done for Cleveland’s genre-limitless beat master, Self Help.  The remix is crisp, fresh, a little faster than the original, and really leaves you feeling the energy put into this tune.   Check it out!  While you’re taking in our small sample of the song, please enjoy the visual art of what  Cape Cassandra looks like (sunset hours)!  Our homie, Big Blunt, of Thumbnugget put the image together for us.  Big ups to everyone involved with this project! 

Banditz on SoundCloud

Thumbnugget on Facebook

Self Help on SoundCloud


…and here is the Cape Cassandra original…

Get your feet moving!

More from Banditz and Self Help coming soon…

Ted Dibiase – Tezo (Banditz Remix)

Cleveland creates talent.  It might not KEEP talent, but it does indeed create it.  That is going to be lesson of the year.  Banditz have produced yet another speaker blowing tune. This time however, it’s a remix Tezo’s (Cleveland’s hottest up and coming rap artist) Ted Dibiase.  For those of you who don’t know who Ted Dibiase is, he is the WWE superstar (from the 90’s) who goes by the name “The Million Dollar Man”.  How could you not want to be Ted Dibiase?   With the exception of Paradise, none of Banditz other tracks feature a vocals as a prevelant part of their songs.  I must say…I really like the change of pace with this song.  The swung beat with Tezo’s energy on top of the track leaves you in a blissful state for a couple minutes.  They put in a lot of work on this remix, and it really shows.  It seems they really might be learning a few things at school!  THEY BE STUNTIN! STUNTIN! STUNTIN! STUNTIN! This track goes hard.  Bump it and show Banditz and Tezo some love!




2011 Banditz Re-Cap

Ganjaology members J Hanna and Dozur AKA Banditz absolutely killed it in 2011, releasing 6 huge tracks over the course of the second half of 2011.  Be expecting some huge sounds out of Florida in 2012! Big ups fellas!

“Drum Roll” – Soap Dodgers

Soap Dodgers released their EP Wheel & Deal Recordings about a month or so back. Both songs have a dark, heavy feel. But maintain a crisp sound by not overdoing the grimeyness – in my opinion the best way to do it. The Dozeman hit me up today asking me to drop him a .WAV of this tune, so I thought I would post it up. Check this tune out, and if you’re in the Miami (FL) area, watch Dozur spin it live at club Mekka tonight!

Banditz – In Like Sin

 With the Banditz hard at work in their frosty fresh beat factory (they keep the air at 65*F to be exact, that’s winter coat weather down South!) down in Orlando, Florida, they will with out a doubt be one of the most sought after dubstep duo’s to come from the Southern sunshine state.   In Like Sin is their latest releases that is a collaboration between Banditz and Hijinx, another Orlando dj/producer.  Together, the 3 young producers have created a perfect scenario where beauty and evil compliment each other like never before and intertwine throughout the track like threads of a rope.   It’s rare a song sends shivers down my spine, but hearing this song for the first time through four Mackie SRM450’s and two 18″ powered subs will do just that.  TURN THIS THE FUCK UP!!  An EP should be coming along soon from Bandtiz so keep an ear tuned to and hear it first when it’s released.  BIG UPS FELLAZ!!


Banditz – Crazy Pillz

This track is pure evil.  I’m expecting Lucifer himself to slowly creep out of my speakers at any minute…or maybe be abducted by aliens?  Either way I think I’ll end up in the same place.  HELL.  Have a listen to this freshly released banger and you tell me where people will be going after this gets dropped in the club.

Banditz – BPD

Ganjaology team member John Hanna aka @itsthejhanna has a new project in the works with Florida native, Billy Da Kid, better known to the Orlando bass scene as Dozur.  Together they now go by Banditz.  With a new release this past week and shows in both Florida and Ohio over the next few months, these two Full Sail University producers will have their work cut out for them while they finish up 2011.  Follow Banditz on SoundCloud HERE, ‘like’ their Facebook page HERE, and click play below to hear their new track BPD.